The dumbing down of the Internet

Even Bart Simpson knows what’s going on.

Up until 9/11 and its aftermath, and especially since the twin-monster births of Facebook and Twitter (and their older retarded brother MySpace), the Internet was like being set loose in New York City during the 1970s and 1980s or Paris during the 1920s and 1930s.

Ever since Facebook, Twitter and other major corporate-run websites came along and steamrolled the entire web, visiting the Internet is more like taking tours of the world’s most depressing slums with weekends spent in Disneyland.

8 thoughts on “The dumbing down of the Internet


    This isn’t politically correct, though. MySpace is cognitively impaired. No wait, I think that’s a bad term now, too. MySpace is developmentally atypical. No wait… I need to ask my daughter.

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    • LOL! I used to hate that 140 character limit too, but I started going there because that’s where I could always find my son.

      But I found out something–that 140 charcacter limit, as annoying as it is, is good for a writer because it really forces you to trim the fat from what you want to say and get to the point. It’s a good exercise but of course that’s all it should be.


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