F*ck you, Facebook.


I’ve always had mixed feelings about Facebook.  I know it’s the best platform on which to share blog posts, but my problem is the nature of my blog.  Much of what I write is highly personal or about my family, and people from many different areas of my life, including family members, are Facebook friends or at least know where to find me even if they are not friends.  Even though I changed the spelling of my first name on Facebook, most people who want to can still find me there.   You’re not allowed to create a second account (although I suppose it could be done using a second email address) or use a handle.

I guess I could set up a “page” connected with this blog, but that page would still be  attached to my main account, so when I press the “share” button under a post, it gets posted to my main account, not an associated page.    I don’t want family members, people I know from work or from past jobs, neighbors, and my kids’ friends reading certain of my posts.  Since I do share some of my posts to Facebook,  if someone REALLY wanted to read my other stuff, they could find it fairly easily by browsing through my blog, but I don’t want to call attention to those posts to people who have no business reading them.

It sucks because blog posts on Facebook always get the most shares.  I’ve had some posts that were shared over 200 times by others.  One post has over 1000 shares.   But I have to rely on others to share my posts.  I can only share the less personal ones there.

I don’t have this same problem with other social media because I don’t use my real name on those accounts and they were set up for the primary purpose of sharing blog posts.   Facebook (and to some extent, LinkedIn) is a different story, because I’ve had my account there since 2008 and had no blog until 2014.   I’m tempted to delete my Facebook and start over under a fake name, but then I’ll lose all my contacts.   I’m not sure how to get around this issue.  I don’t really like Facebook much anyway and I never have.

F*ck you, Facebook.

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11 Responses to F*ck you, Facebook.

  1. I had to laugh at the title, but oh boy do I feel ya on this.
    What about creating the page and instead of clicking the share button here on WP, you could copy and paste it into a post (in the created page.)? Would that work?

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  2. I think there is a way to transfer all your friends to your new Facebook page, but I don’t know how you do it.

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  3. draughtrider says:

    Second account with second email address is easy. Just do it 🙂

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    • luckyotter says:

      What’s a good second email to use? Do people still use Hotmail?


      • donshelby says:

        I think Hotmail has been replaced with outlook now. I have a couple of suggestions. One is you could set up a business or group page and call it something like Lucky Otter’s Haven or Abuse Recovery Group or something like that and set it to private. Then invite your followers over to it. They have to request admission into the group and you get to approve them. That way you can keep out the people you don’t want to see your posts. If you set it up right the posts don’t show up in your personal feed or any of your followers feeds and all of the comments and shares stay private within the group too. The other option is to set up a separate account with a different email address and keep it totally separate from your private account. Don’t “like” it with your private acct or share any of it because then your friends will see it. Facebook is always trying to get everyone connected so if they get any inkling that the two pages are connected your family and friends could start asking nosey questions. It’s easy to set up a new email. Just pick yahoo or gmail or outlook..all free and easy, no questions asked and make it about your blog..like luckyotter @yahoo.com or something like that. Good luck!

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  4. I’ve very much had these same thoughts. You’re not alone! Im not too sure what to do about it either…


  5. Becky says:

    I have a personal page and a Blog Page, and my blog posts only post to Welcome to My Life on Facebook. If I want it on my own personal page, I have to share it from my blog page. You can also prevent people from LIKE-ing your blog page.. business pages are a little different than personal pages.

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