10 reasons why Facebook drives me insane.


I don’t like Facebook. Here’s the reasons why.

1. EVERYONE is on there. I mean EVERYONE. And they WILL find you.

2. It’s the new Big Brother. Potential employers and actual employers use FB to check up on you. You can be fired or rejected for a job for “liking” the wrong thing or posting the wrong photo or meme. Make no mistake. You are being watched.

3. The layout is confusing, cluttered and not attractive.

4. Way too many notifications about dumb things you don’t care about and invitations to “like” commercial products and suggestions of who to “friend.” Okay, well all social media has that. Still, it’s more annoying on Facebook.

5. Too many people posting selfies and photos of themselves with all their friends partying and having fun all the time. Or photos of their renovated house or their Caribbean vacation or their ugly new baby. It’s a narcissist’s wet dream.

6. This breeds envy in people who see those photos. You always wind up comparing yourself to others and you always seem to come up short.

7. Too many games and “gifts” from games you don’t play appearing on your wall. Although I’ll confess in around 2007-8 when Facebook was new and seemed cool, I got addicted to Cafe World and Farmville. Those games were fun, I won’t lie.

8. Overrated.

9. Too many people from my RL trying to get me to “friend” them.

10. You can’t choose your own theme or change the look of your profile much. Even Twitter allows more creativity than Facebook. Not that I think we should go back to the days of MySpace with its jarring profiles of neon green on shocking pink backgrounds with their glittering Blingies, flashing signs, badly sized photos that took a year to load, and other digital doodads that slowed your system down to a crawl and sometimes made it crash.

Mainly, I like to keep my online life separate from my personal life, and Facebook doesn’t make that easy because EVERY PERSON IN THE FREAKING WORLD IS ON THERE and THEY WILL FIND YOU. Yep, all 7 billion human beings on this planet. They’re all there. Waiting. Watching.

I’ll check my Facebook sometimes but I hesitate to post anything there. I never, EVER share this blog on my own profile. I wouldn’t dare. And once I’ve checked whatever I’m looking for, I sign out ASAP. Facebook is scary.

Maybe that’s what Hell is. After you die, you go into the Matrix and find yourself trapped in Facebook for all eternity.

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  1. Facebook matrix hell… Oh that’s just a disturbing thought.
    I hear ya. I’m a hibernation from it myself until early February. If it weren’t for the fact most of my orders come through there, I’d can it permanently.

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  2. I thought Facebook was awesome when I discovered it in 2009… or was it 2008? I’m pretty sure I was the first one in my entire family to sign up. I had such fun finding old school friends I hadn’t seen since back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

    Then, one by one, my family of origin found FB, too, and I am still nursing the wounds. I deactivated my account once, then reactivated a few weeks later and then, after enduring several more rounds of public flogging by the FOO flying monkeys, I deactivated again. But I missed all the good people on FB, so I told myself to stop being such a great big overly-sensitive wimpy baby and I tried it One More Time, using every privacy protection I could find.

    Yeah, that worked. NOT.

    Now that I have been Facebook-free for close to a year, when my husband wants to show me something on his wall that one of his 2,000+ dearest friends has posted, I have to work really hard at not screaming.

    Hahaha… I love what you said at the end: “Maybe that’s what Hell is. After you die, you go into the Matrix and find yourself trapped in Facebook for all eternity.”

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    • I was thinking of just deleting my account, but somehow I just can’t. I’ve had the damn thing since early 2008 so maybe I keep it for sentimental reasons, idk. I guess the real reason I keep it is to check certain accounts that are on Facebook. I just don’t comment much or at all. If I do my comments are short and don’t give away much. Too many people watch me and stalk me on FB.
      I’m glad you liked my Matrix comment at the end, haha. I kind of liked that one myself. 😀

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      • I like Twitter because it’s almost impossible for haters to harrass you in 140 characters or less. 🙂

        I think it’s fine that you can keep your FB account. Me, I cringe every time I see the FB logo; it practically gives me trauma flashbacks. No joke.

        The first time I went off FB it was just for a few days, because someone I did not even know was sending me horrible harrassing private messages via FB and I did not know how to block him. (He claimed to be a preacher and he was sending me messages telling me I am going to hell because I had “liked” something one of my friends had posted, which was against this Bozo’s fundamentalist Christian belief.)

        After I figured out how to block that creep, I reactivated my account, only to immediately find a long string of hateful comments about me in my newsfeed! It started off with one of my sisters posting that I had apparently gone off FB, and then she said, “Oh well, it’s no big loss, she’s weird anyway. She has PTSD.” In reply to that, one of my nieces, who has seen me a total of once in her entire 20-something life, a brief uneventful meeting that happened over 10 years ago at a family reunion, this niece replied to my sister, “Yes, that’s why I wouldn’t accept her friend request, I didn’t want any of her drama.” And on and on and on their catty comments about me went… What REALLY hurt was that I had been so HAPPY when they had first signed on FB, because I thought that now we would finally get a chance to know each other without the momster triangulating every conversation. (I am 7 to 18 years older than all of my siblings and I have not lived in the family “home” since 1969, nor have I lived in the same state since 1974, so they really do not know me, they only know my momster’s scapegoating, projecting lies!)

        When I posted a reply on that hateful thread, letting my sister and niece know that I — and everybody else! — could see their comments about me, do you think anyone apologized? Oh no… they just commented, to each other, something like “see… DRAMA… I knew it would happen with her, sooner or later!” And they excused themselves by saying that they were still learning their way around FB and it wasn’t THEIR fault, they hadn’t known I could read it, and anyway they had thought that I had gone off FB for good….

        So. No FB for me. It’s like alcohol, if you can handle it, that’s great. As for me, I went through about a year and a half of drinking too much, trying to self-medicate my pain, when I was a lot younger. So I stopped drinking and — as of January 15, 2015 — I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in 25 years. Wow, how time flies!

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        • Twitter: At first I hated it because of the 144 character limit. I tend to be verbose and long winded and it’s hard to be all TL;DR when you only have 144 characters to do it in. And if you try to make a long post by stringing together a bunch of tweets, people get pissed off and unfollow you. :/

          But Twitter has grown on me. I actually kind of like the 144 char. limit now. It’s actually a great exercise for a writer, especially one like me who has trouble editing down what they write. (I usually have to do 3-5 edits before a new post is acceptable to me and not 20 pages long). But what it does, it forces you to cut out all the fat and just get to the bones of what you want to say. It may not be the greatest way to write, but it’s a good discipline to have when you need it.
          I’ve also seen some very creative tweets, some people are great at getting a lot of information in one tweet or making a great joke or memorable saying. I can’t do that, my tweets are as boring as watching paint dry (if you follow me you’ll probably want to unfollow me because I’m so boring on Twitter) but I admire people who can.

          I also go there a lot because that’s how I chat with my son, who lives outside Tampa but really lives on Twitter. It’s a great way to check on my kid.

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        • Oh, as for the FB drama thing–absolutely YES, 100%! My daughter uses FB and is ALWAYS involved in some unpleasant drama (but I think she stirs a lot of it up herself–she really seems to LIKE drama–but she’s either NPD or BPD so that fits I guess)
          I’ve also heard of a lot of people right here at WordPress who have been complaining about being stalked or bullied on Facebook. That’s a terrible story. It happens all the time though. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard of someone being bullied on Facebook and this has even led to some suicides, which is tragic.
          Facebook is Satan.

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        • Can you explain how the deactivation of FB works? I thought if I deactivated it, that I wouldn’t have an account or be able to read it any more. I’m really only on there for the support groups, since I don’t have any one else who understands. But I also know my nm & gc-narc sister read my page. I have them blocked, but I have other family that I’m friends with that is giving nm access to my page. I’ve thought about opening a new account, with no friends on my page so I can stay in my support groups. Any ideas or help will be most grateful.


  3. I totally agree and I never understood why I couln’t delete that damn profile. I tried several times. If anyone has an advice which could work I’d be very, very, veeery thankful!


    • I never could figure out where the “delete” button is on Facebook. I’ve looked for it. Maybe there isn’t one. If FB is an evil plot there would be no button. It’s like Hotel California: you can check in but you can never check out.

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  4. I don’t remember anymore how I deactivated my account … good grief, I hope it isn’t still there, somehow? My husband is on FB and when I deactivated it, my account went away grom his account. I mean, I think it did? This is creepy.

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      • No, our accounts weren’t linked exactly. He just had me listed as his wife and now I don’t think it shows that any more. I’ll have to ask him. He says he likes FB for keeping in touch with our grown kids and grandkids but he has something like 2,000 friends and we only have 5 children and 10 grandchildren between us, LOL.


  5. I rarely post or comment on FB. I discovered secret groups are wonderful-only those in the group see your posts. I dumped 97% of my “friends” and started over. I don’t want to see negativity or bashing…anyone whose posts include that get deleted.

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  6. You can delete (not deactivate which is just leaving it there in limbo) your account. http://www.wikihow.com/Permanently-Delete-a-Facebook-Account

    Deletion is permanent after two weeks, unlike deactivation.

    I do have a FB account but not in my real name and I went and found all the FOO members and blocked them before they could find me. It is a “fun tool for stalkers” and other psychos but I rarely make a public post – usually a missing child or pet thing – and I delete everything after a couple of weeks. It isn’t a good place for things like blogs because of the set up and lack of anonymity. Even if you set your account for maximum privacy there can always be a “glitch”. FB are known for changing settings and THEN telling everyone. Also, you never know if a friend’s account might be hacked or compromised in some way and suddenly your private info is all public.

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