Run-in with a Facebook narc.

My son just tweeted about this.


Read these tweets from bottom to top.

There’s a malignant narcissist all wrapped up for you with a big red bow on top.

7 thoughts on “Run-in with a Facebook narc.

      • Narcs like your family, ugh. Their priorities are just so twisted. I don’t know how you got through that kind of abuse honestly. They sound thoroughly evil. But you are stronger because of it. You have to believe that. There’s a reason this happened to you. Your real family is right here, and the friends you have chosen for yourself, and of course your relationship with Jesus. You need your FOO like you need a hole in the head. It’s still hard to come to terms with that sort of thing though. I feel sad that my mother couldn’t love me. But it is what it is and acceptance is necessary to move forward.


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