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If Doug Jones does this, he will win Alabama.

I’ve been very worried about the far-right religious demagogue and pedophile Roy Moore winning Alabama.   He and his Democratic opposition, Doug Jones, have been running neck and neck, and even after 9 women spoke up about Moore molesting them (in … Continue reading

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Tears of beauty.

Most people associate crying and tears with sadness or grief. Yes, it’s true that you see tears when people are upset, grieving or sad, but it’s not really due to the sadness itself. Crying has nothing to do with the … Continue reading

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He still lives in my dreams: the story of my abortion.

Although I’m becoming Catholic in less than two weeks, my views on abortion are still more or less pro-choice, depending on the situation (such as rape or incest), but this post isn’t about my political or moral stance on abortion. … Continue reading

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This is the post that scared me so much I almost deleted it.

I have never been so scared to publish a post until this one. I had this set to Private for several days and drove myself crazy trying to decide if I ought to post it. It’s about some of my … Continue reading

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I dreamt I was pregnant.

I fell asleep for several hours this afternoon and had this weird dream that I was pregnant. I’m too old to get pregnant anymore so it was very strange. Even if I could get pregnant, there’s no way I would … Continue reading

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