If Doug Jones does this, he will win Alabama.


I’ve been very worried about the far-right religious demagogue and pedophile Roy Moore winning Alabama.   He and his Democratic opposition, Doug Jones, have been running neck and neck, and even after 9 women spoke up about Moore molesting them (in one case the woman was 14 years old when she was assaulted) and other complaints that Moore stalked teenagers at the mall, Roy Moore still has a better than good chance of winning in his state.  The reason he may still win, even though he is a horrible human being who preys on children, is because of where Roy Moore stands on abortion.

Even though I don’t live in Alabama (thank God), I’m worried about Moore winning because that will mean he’ll be in the Senate, and have greater influence and power.  We do not need religious extremists and unrepentant sexual predators (please don’t bring up Al Franken, because at least he apologized and took responsibility for his actions) like Moore in the US Senate or anywhere close to the federal government.

So I had a kind of brainstorm this morning.    Because so many Alabamans care so much about abortion, and vote on that one issue (even over homosexuality), Doug Jones needs to run on the abortion issue, and it doesn’t matter that he happens to be pro-choice.     He can make an excellent case why he’d be the better pro-life candidate (and why the Democratic Party is also the more pro-life party at the end of the day).

As it stands now, religious Alabamans will vote for Roy Moore because they believe Doug Jones is soft on abortion and therefore against God.  It doesn’t matter to them that Moore is himself an immoral man who preys on children and blasphemes Jesus when he justifies his molestation of a 14 year old by saying that Mary was only 14 when she was impregnated by Joseph (whatever happened to their belief in the Virgin Birth?).  No, they will still vote for Moore because of his anti-choice stance.

But here’s something to ponder.  It is a statistical fact that 50% — HALF! — of all births in America are paid for by Medicaid, which also covers children’s healthcare after they are born.  That’s a lot of babies that might have been aborted without Medicaid (and other support programs for mothers and their children).   Republicans like Roy Moore want to cut Medicaid or eliminate it altogether, as well as cut or eliminate other services that make it possible for poor women to have and raise their children.

If a poor woman loses or cannot access Medicaid, food stamps, and other services that help her and her unborn baby, both during pregnancy and after, do you think she is going to have the baby anyway without medical and other support?  No!  She is most likely going to choose abortion.  Most abortions in the US are done for financial reasons. Most women having abortions aren’t married middle or upper class women — they’re usually poor or very young women who have no health coverage and no support system in which they can raise their child.   If you refuse her Medicaid and support services, is she just going to say, “Hey, well, ok, I guess I’ll just give birth at home in my bathtub!”   Of course not.  This isn’t 1700.

Sure, there are a few women who can afford a child and have abortions because they just don’t want another child (or any at all), but they are in the minority. Even if abortion was outlawed, rich women would “take a trip to Europe” just like they did in the 1950s.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is scary enough as it is.  If you have no money to afford prenatal care, labor and delivery, and medical care for the baby, and there is no support system that can help you, that’s even more terrifying.  Again, half of all births are funded by Medicaid. So if that is taken away or cut, most if not all of those poor women are NOT going to decide to have their babies in the bathtub.  It’s a lot easier to come up with $600 or $800 or so for an abortion than find the money for hospital care.  Even the poorest woman can usually get that kind of money in a pinch, even if she has to borrow it or use a payday lender.

Abortion rates have ALWAYS gone up during GOP administrations, when services like food stamps, Medicaid and family planning are cut.   Most women, when faced with other alternatives to abortion and given support, will choose to have their baby.  Cut off their support system and access to healthcare, more abortions.   It makes perfect sense.

Even though most Democrats are “pro-choice,” there are fewer abortions under Democratic administrations when access to family planning and healthcare and other services are more available.  This has been proven statistically.  Railing on about abortion being evil and then offering no alternatives to a desperate pregnant woman, especially if she’s poor, does absolutely nothing except shame and traumatize her.

Even if abortion were outlawed, desperate pregnant women who can’t afford a sudden “European vacation” would go to back alley butchers just like they did in the 1950s.  Illegal abortionists would pop up like mushrooms after a storm.   Women who are desperate are still going to get abortions even if they’re illegal, if no other support is given.

I really think if Doug Jones runs on this platform, and stresses the fact that abortions increase under GOP policies and decrease under Democratic policies, I think he could win over some if not most of the pro-life Christians.  Let’s face it.   Doug Jones seems like a good man and a nice person and unlike Roy Moore, I believe he actually cares about the people of Alabama, and he cares about women and children.    If pro-life Christians, many who vote on the abortion issue alone, could realize that Jones is actually the much more pro-life candidate at the end of the day, I definitely think they would vote for him  over an extremist, dishonest sexual predator like Roy Moore.

I’m actually going to send the link to this article to Doug Jones and urge him to address this issue in his campaign, because I think he’d win.  It’s important he wins so we don’t get someone like Roy Moore in the Senate.

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  1. I think he might win over some, but the anti-abortion hard line goal is, and always has been, to simply ban the procedure so that it never happens again (a fantasy). They are also, many of them, opposed to any form of contraception, which has been proved to reduce abortions. Still, telling the truth about what being pro-life (not just pro-birth) is worth a try.

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    • I think it is too. At least a few people going to the “dark side” to vote for Jones might tip the scales. Moore isn’t that far ahead and at times, Jones has even been ahead. It’s definitely going to be a nail-biter!

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    • That is true, of course, but see what I just wrote to Scottie. Yes, many if not most of the men who vote for Moore don’t care about unborn life, only controlling women. But there are some, probably among the women (and the more intelligent), who don’t wish to control women but actually care about fetuses and can be convinced Democratic policies are better for counteracting abortion.

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  2. I think they simply won’t listen. They do not want to hear how funding programs to help children reduces abortion. At the heart of their steadfast standing against abortion, including birth control, is that women are getting away with being sexual. I keep hearing from the religious faction that women are not held accountable for their actions. ( men seem to get a pass to have sex and anything else ) It is not really the baby they want to protect but the ability to shame and degrade the rights of women to control their own bodies. Ask these people what is a woman’s place in the world and you hear she is a help mate for man, she is to do as man tells her, she is to be subservient to man. This whole thing is about controlling females. How come men are not accountable for a pregnancy? They share in creating it. Why can a man get a vasectomy with no need of consent from their wife, but many states including congress have tried to force a woman to get permission from the man who impregnated her if she wants an abortion. Even if they are not married. So no it is not about the fetus, an unborn child, or even born children, it is all about the rights of females to be sexual as she wishes and to control her body. Hugs

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    • You make some good points. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that many of these far right people only want to control women’s bodies and don’t actually care about unborn babies. Why would they care about fetuses but not about the already born? That doesn’t make sense.
      That being said, I think at least some could be swayed to vote for a Democrat like Jones if he addressed this issue.

      There are some Christians, especially among the women, I think, who actually do care about unborn children and would prefer to see poor women get healthcare than see them have abortions. Right now, they are more likely to vote for Moore because of the abortion issue. But if Jones could convince them that fetuses are safer under his policies than Moore’s, maybe at least some of them could be convinced to vote for the Democrat and not for Moore. The diehard Biblical literalists, who believe women are men’s property (who are probably mostly men) will of course still support the child predator.
      Since these candidates are running so close, I think the abortion issue could still tip the scales in Jones’ favor, even if it’s only a few who can be convinced that his policies are more pro-life than Moore’s.

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      • You also have good points and you maybe correct. I would however say that among the religious woman who might have more concern about the fetus they are also under their religious instruction to obey their husbands and so many times ( sad and wrong I know ) a woman is told how to vote by the husband. To not do so would damn them in the eyes of their god. so it is again an added factor. I have no idea how many are on the sidelines and how many may listen, but I feel reaching those who have not been swayed by the facts already can not be reached. They are indoctrinated to follow and support the one they are told their god ( in caps in their mind ) has chosen. A bad member of their faith is a better choice to them than someone who is more moral and better but not a follower of their god. A “horrible christian” tRumps a not in your face good one”. It is all about how much the candidate portrays that they will follow their precepts / doctrines over the laws of the land. Be well, Love your thoughtful post. They give a lot to ponder and reason on. You do have a very valid point here, I just don’t think they will listen to it as it is not from “god”. Hugs

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  3. As usual this post is well reasoned and articulated. One would think that these people would listen to reason, but they don’t read.They don’t use critical thinking.They just listen to propaganda. It’s all about the fetus and the gays. I think you’re absolutely right in theory, but in practice there are countless examples of it not working. I think this jerk Moore is going to win. And that’s a travesty. Of course, I hope he doesn’t.

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