More on empathy: this baby knows best

This incredible video went viral a little over a year ago. In it, a mother sings to her baby girl (yes, it is a little girl) and the child responds emotionally to her mother’s voice and cries in a very adult way and also smiles through her tears, showing pleasure in her mother’s lovely voice in spite of the sad emotions she is also picking up from mom. It’s fascinating to watch her because who would think a child this young could be moved to tears the way an adult can? This little baby is most likely an empath–and probably an HSP too.

We don’t have to worry this little girl will grow up to be a psychopath, do we?

I think the video went viral not only because cute things about babies and animals always seem to go viral, but because people are starved for empathy and this little baby is a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope (sorry about the double cliche!) in a narcissistic and hostile society where it seems too many people have become hard, cold and shut off from the feelings of others, and where empathy is all too often seen as a liability rather than a potential strength and tool for healing.

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