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9 ways to tell if the victim blog you read is run by a narcissist.

Originally posted on January 9, 2017 The Internet is a great thing for a lot of reasons, but for victims of narcissistic abuse, it’s probably the first time in our lives we ever had a voice, and would be listened … Continue reading

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The One Who Got Away

Originally posted on Living With Narcissism:
Even after 15 years of marriage there was this one woman who I just never got over completely.  In my mind, she was my soulmate.  The one who got away.  Leaving her was like…

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What happened to CZBZ at The Narcissistic Continuum?

One of my favorite blogs is and was The Narcissistic Continuum at Blogspot. It’s chock full of helpful information and support for narcissistic abuse survivors but at the same time its owner CZBZ avoided a lot of the stigmatizing of … Continue reading

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“The Narcissistic Continuum”

There’s a fantastic blog I haven’t mentioned before (because I didn’t know about it), so I’m doing it now. It’s called “The Narcissistic Continuum” and it differs from other narcissism and ACON blogs due to its unique format of ordering … Continue reading

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