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9 ways to tell if the victim blog you read is run by a narcissist.

The Internet is a great thing for a lot of reasons, but for victims of narcissistic abuse, it’s probably the first time in our lives we ever had a voice, and would be listened to and believed.   There are … Continue reading

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Are narc abuse blogs a wake up call for some NPDs?

I’ve sometimes been critical of ACON bloggers who seem trapped in hatred and over-the-top narc-bashing, but that’s because I think of hatred as a dangerous emotion that eventually hurts its bearer (and I think can even turn the victim narcissistic … Continue reading

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“The Narcissistic Continuum”

There’s a fantastic blog I haven’t mentioned before (because I didn’t know about it), so I’m doing it now. It’s called “The Narcissistic Continuum” and it differs from other narcissism and ACON blogs due to its unique format of ordering … Continue reading

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