What happened to CZBZ at The Narcissistic Continuum?


One of my favorite blogs is and was The Narcissistic Continuum at Blogspot. It’s chock full of helpful information and support for narcissistic abuse survivors but at the same time its owner CZBZ avoided a lot of the stigmatizing of people with NPD, recognizing that not all narcs are created equal and not all are inherently evil.   It’s also a great-looking blog, very easy on the eyes.

The N-Continuum is a wonderful blog, but CZBZ hasn’t posted anything since May 10th of last year. Does anyone know what happened to her, or if she is alright? I’m worried. I have tried emailing her but haven’t gotten a reply. Maybe someone out there knows something?

CZBZ, if you see this, please reply in the comments or email me, so I know you’re okay.