A new blog for people who are single and on disability.

My blogging friend, Ruby (“rubycommenting”), has started a new blog called Single and On Disability.  

In her first blog post, she writes:

I started this blog for myself and for others like me who may be single and on disability or even for older folks who are single and retired because I found out it amounts to pretty much the same thing, lots of free time and a low income. I used to be married and there was more to do, but, when I got divorced found myself in a no-mans land not knowing what to do or how best to survive. Ive learned a lot since and plan on talking about how I fill my days and live cheap to improve overall quality of living in this journal type blog.

Ruby has several other short but practical posts up on her blog, and I’m sure she will be adding many more in the near future!

It’s good to know there is a blog that addresses the challenges and issues facing disabled singles, a group that is too often neglected and ignored.

Please take some time and visit her blog!

Paying it forward.


One of the things I love most about blogging is the “paying it forward” aspect of it.   Once upon a time, I was a brand new blogger who knew nothing about blogging and had zero followers.  There was a whole learning curve to learning WordPress and making my blog look exactly the way I wanted it to look.  But one of the biggest challenges I faced in those days was obtaining a following.   I remember how frustrated I was when I’d been blogging for 2 weeks and had a paltry 12 followers.   But other bloggers who were more experienced and had large followings helped me along the way. They shared my posts, either by reblogging them or linking to them, or sharing them on their social media.    They were happy to help out,  expecting nothing in return, and I feel indebted to them for that, because without that early help, this blog would never have gotten the head start that it did.

Now, two years later, I’m in a position to help newbies, at least a little, by doing the same thing for them as was done for me. I’ve had several opportunities to do that, and I am as happy to help them as more established bloggers were to help me when I was new.

It will be exciting to see these new bloggers grow, and maybe in a year or two, I will be able to watch them as they help a new “generation” of bloggers get started on their writing journeys.  It’s a little like being a parent watching your kids grow up.

There Is A Need For This-the things no one will tell you

Rubycommenting just started a blog about narcissistic abuse and being the family black sheep. Not much is there yet, but there are a couple of posts already and I want to get the word out and help her get some followers. 🙂

Congratulations on your new blog, Ruby! I think you will find that blogging will bring you a lot of clarity and understanding and it feels so great to know you’re helping others too.

Now Rubycommenting can change her handle to Rubyblogging! LOL!

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The One Who Got Away

Living with Narcissism is a new WordPress blog written from a man’s point of view. He suffers from C-PTSD and writes about his toxic relationships with character disordered women.

This is a highly readable account of his devastating breakup with a young woman who had Borderline Personality Disorder. While BPD is highly stigmatized, many women with active BPD behave just this way. I’m ashamed to admit I recognized some of Kerry’s behaviors in the ways I used to act in my relationships. This was an excellent post from a wonderful new blogger. Please go visit his blog and leave comments there.

Living With Narcissism

Even after 15 years of marriage there was this one woman who I just never got over completely.  In my mind, she was my soulmate.  The one who got away.  Leaving her was like an addict giving up their drug of choice.  She was my heroine.  My soul was so enmeshed with hers that it literally felt like a tearing apart inside my heart and soul when I finally left her.  After all of those years I still pined for her and yearned for closure.  I had no idea what I’d done wrong or why we couldn’t work out.  I felt like our relationship was just an innocent baby and she killed it.  I should have hated her for that.  If it had really been a child, no doubt, I would have.  But it was a metaphorical child.  I didn’t hate her.  I missed her and still loved her even…

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Hello Everyone!

It looks like we have a brand new blog about BPD on WordPress. I know how it feels to be a newbie and how over the moon I was when Opinionated Man helped me out the first week by reblogging an early post, and I’d like to pay it forward (even though my blog is nowhere near as popular as his!)  so I think I’ll do it with this blog.

Bella, I hope this helps you get some followers. 🙂 Good luck, blogging is an incredible journey in every way.   Keep writing and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find out about yourself.

Bella, also make sure you follow Opinionated Man’s blog Harsh Reality (linked above).  He is incredibly helpful to new bloggers and always has posts that invite you to share your posts and stuff.  You never know, he might even reblog something of yours and then you can sit back and be amazed at all the activity that will bring you.

New blog!


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