Sorry, but this rant about Trump is just begging to be shared. I can relate so much to the weird surreal feeling after he was declared the winner. I still feel somewhat dissociated, as if this is just a bad dream that I will soon wake up from…except it’s not.

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The Dependent Independent

(Nov 11 7:32 p.m.) (Nov 11 7:32 p.m.)

The shock of the national election results hasn’t completely worn off.  And for once, I’m sure I’m not alone… a lot of people shocked.  And with some similarity to Brexit: failing to represent a significant amount of the country was pivotal as to why it went down the way it did.  In order to know what’s going on, you can’t plug your ears and rely solely on previous election data.  You have to, you know, actually listen to ordinary people.

All year, I was so disgusted with Trump that I avoided cable news to avoid him.  But as November closed in, I found MSNBC— and the articles they sourced— a relief.  (And if you know me at all, you know I don’t like partisan news.)  The network consistently “took down” a person I couldn’t stand, and through all my reading I got to know the real…

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I feel like I’m in mourning today.     I could barely get through my day.  I called my therapist and told him how upset I was and asked him if  crying and feeling this depressed over a presidential election was a normal reaction.    He shared with me that his phone had been ringing off the hook since last night because people are so depressed, despondent, hopeless, suicidal–and yes, many are crying too.    There are many, many of us feeling a great loss today.   Not over Hillary’s loss per se, but over the loss of hope for this nation.

It’s all over.  America, as we knew it, is no more.

But it’s been coming to this point for 40 years.  How could we have been so blind and denied what was obvious?

It’s all so surreal.

And the games haven’t even begun yet.   We are in deep shit.

This is the worst thing that could ever have happened to this country.   I can’t see anything good coming from it.

I see a Hunger Games future for this country.

I can relate to this song right now, so much.   It was recorded in 1965, a time of hope and innocence when the country was changing in a positive way and people were waking up to new possibilities.  Now everything’s all going to roll back to 50, 100 years ago–a time when women knew their place was in the home serving their authoritarian husbands,  there were no social support systems for the vulnerable, children were to be seen and not heard, homosexuality was considered a serious mental illness, and non-whites knew their place was in a servile role to the rich white men who ran things.

But people still flocked to America even then because they saw the possibilities, the promise of freedom and opportunity.

All of that is gone.

RIP AMERICA: 1776 – 2016


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So. Trump won.


Although it’s not official yet, Trump is the projected winner.

I have never been so ashamed of my country as I am right now.   I thought maybe…just maybe…the tides were turning and people wouldn’t be swayed by this egotistical, dangerous, racist, sexist, homophobic narcissistic freak.   I apologize for my harsh words if you voted for him, and hold nothing against you personally, but that’s how I feel right now.  I don’t understand why or how this happened.   I’m saddened and shocked and angry beyond belief.    I feel like I’m  in a nightmare that won’t end, and there’s no escape.  I read that the website for immigration to Canada crashed because of the volume of hits tonight.   I wish I could be one of those people with the means to leave this once-great country because there is nothing left as far as I’m concerned.  It’s heartbreaking to see its long fall from the land of opportunity and freedom it used to be.

He has the potential to do untold damage to a country that is already in deep, deep trouble, not to mention the millions of women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslim-Americans, and anyone else who is vulnerable.  I’m very scared.   I know many of you are too.

Suicide hotlines are actually being shared on social media right now, because a lot of people want to kill themselves with Trump as president elect.

On the bright side, California has legalized pot.  They’re going to need it.  Pardon the gallows humor, but yeah.

That’s all I have to say right now.   So, try to get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.

I’m sorry for writing such a negative post, but I am just…astounded.

One last thing.  I will never, ever, refer to this freak as President.

Thoughts about this election and voting.


I’m going to keep this short, but I have a few things to say about the election, voting, and voters, and a little about etiquette.

First, I don’t automatically judge people based on their political beliefs.  I don’t like Trump or his policies, but I know many perfectly lovely people who do, and who voted for him.   We may disagree on certain things, but that doesn’t mean I think you’re a bad person or will stop being your friend.

Second, if you didn’t bother to vote, or wasted your vote by writing in something silly like “Mickey Mouse,” then don’t complain about the outcome tonight.   Many people (myself included) weren’t thrilled about either candidate, but still voted anyway, even if it was “the lesser of two evils” or a vote against the other candidate.   If you voted for someone else who represents another political party or is an independent, that’s fine too.      At least you made the effort and voted for someone you believed in, even if the person had no chance.  But “Donald Duck” or “Jesus Christ” is a cop-out and a mockery of your constitutional right to vote.

Lastly, even if you voted, don’t be a sore loser.  It’s fine to complain about the outcome if your candidate lost, but don’t be an idiot and direct personal insults to people who voted for the winner.   Likewise, if your candidate wins, don’t be a jerk and direct insults to people who voted for the loser.   That’s just mean and cruel.    A lot of people are going to be upset tonight.   Try to be a little sensitive to their feelings even if you can’t stand who they voted for.   People take this stuff very seriously.   You probably wouldn’t put down someone for their religious beliefs (at least I hope not), so try to show the same respect toward those who have different political beliefs than yours.

All that out of the way,  I’m going to be so glad when all this is over.  I’m sick to death of this election.   Now I’m off to go watch the results come in, and probably vomit from the stress.

I Voted

As a followup to my last post, I want to share this post by Plain Ol’ Vic. I totally agree that this election is a culmination of the failure of the two party system, with NEITHER party having the best interests of the people as a priority–but rather, their own needs. Both parties are so out of touch with the needs and desires of the American people. Another reason the two party political system is so terrible is because both parties and their nominees are funded by the corporate elite, so the “little guy” (independent candidates) who speaks for the majority never has a chance.   I think we need to switch to a parliamentarian system similar to what most of Europe has. Iknow that’s not perfect either, but it beats what we’ve wound up with.

Back in the days when the American people were more unified and homogenous, I suppose the two party system worked well.   But today, with so much diversity and differing opinions on so many sensitive subjects, we need something else that can keep up with that.

Yes, I voted, but not for who I wanted.  I voted for what I perceive to be the “lesser of two evils.”  If I wasn’t so terrified of Trump winning, I would have cast a write in vote for Sanders instead.

With Hillary as president, we’ll just get more of the same, which means the descent into complete chaos and the polarization of this once-great country into a hellhole of the haves and have-nots will take a slower path.   With Trump, we’ll get WWIII.   So I voted for “more of the same.”   Ugh–there should be a better option.

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Nervous about the election?


You’re not alone, as this chart shows.   Older people (Silent Generation) are the most stressed out (probably because they are the most vulnerable group of people), followed by young adult Millennials, a generation that has been hobbled by an economic system that has prevented them from being able to get a foothold in the door of full adulthood (no, they are NOT entitled–they just want what previous generations had that has been denied to them).  Gen-Xers are the least stressed out, but they have always been somewhat disaffected and of all the living generations, tend to be the least involved in politics and the least likely to vote.  They tend to focus most of their attention on personal or local matters as opposed to national ones.   But even almost half of them are on tenterhooks about the election along with everyone else.

Other countries are nervous about this election too.  Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz talks about that in this article and video.   I think of all the elections in the history of this nation, none has been as nerve-wracking as this one.   Given the mood of the country right now, no matter who wins, I could see massive rioting breaking out in urban areas should it be a close election.

I really wish I could just leave should the worst happen.   If Trump wins, I could see people leaving the country en masse, especially progressives with enough means to do so and young Millennials who aren’t afraid of taking risks.   It would be the first time in history that people wanted to get out of America.  Should something like that happen,  we’d be left with a nation full of wealthy white conservatives and the most vulnerable impoverished people, with no one in between as a buffer.  That would bring us even closer to third-world status than we already are.     I could see mass unrest/rioting or even a civil war breaking out all too easily, and a police state being set up to control the hordes of angry, rioting people.    I could see a Hunger Games-type situation in our future.   We are definitely in a fourth turning.    Think the housing crisis of 2008 was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet.  It’s not gonna be pretty.

I wonder if another wealthy country (like Canada?) would intervene in that case, the way we always seem to be getting involved in other countries who need outside assistance.  I heard a rumor that Canada has set aside areas for refugees to settle should Trump win, which would not require a passport.   I have no idea if this is true or not.    Even Mexico  (which hardly qualifies as first world) looks like a viable option for those who want to escape.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to vomit on election night from the stress.   I’ve never been this nervous about any election.

Have we gone mad?

Archangel “warrior” Trump.

I wish this were a joke, but it’s not.  There are many “Christian” Americans who actually believe what this article says.   There are people deluded enough to actually believe that a billionaire sociopath, xenophobe, and textbook case of NPD  is the panacea for all the “evil spirits” that threaten this once-great nation and they will be casting their vote in November (the deluded people, not the evil spirits).   Riiiiiight, an orange-skinned, toupeed, former reality television star is God’s chosen warrior against the forces of evil.  .   This is a man who is so narcissistic he even admitted he never asks for God’s forgiveness.  Who has a reputation of being a womanizer and philanderer and who referred to his own daughter as sexy.    Yet many Christians are going to vote for him.

Not so long ago, someone like him would have been laughed out of the primaries.

A similar article singing Trump’s praises for his “truth telling abilities” is illustrated with a painting of Trump as an Archangel (which I have used in this post for its humor value).

Trump is popular because he tells the truth, something Americans are starving for

Bernie Sanders endorses Clinton–progressives take heed!


News article from CNN:


Many Bernie supporters are understandably upset that he lost to Hillary in the primaries. However, I’m alarmed by how many of them say they want to sit out this election or write in a vote for Bernie just because they can’t stand Hillary or her policies.  I understand those feelings, but please hear me out.   I don’t care for Clinton much either, but Bernie himself has bowed out graciously and is supporting her in this election. He knows what will happen if he does not.

Progressives, please do the right thing.   If you don’t vote–or write in an independent vote for Bernie–Trump has a very good chance of winning this election!  Is that really what you want? So if you feel as strongly as I do about what a disaster a Trump presidency would be, then hold your nose, use smelling salts, whatever you have to do–but vote for Hillary, just as Bernie is doing.

Again, my apologies for getting political on this blog, but this is probably the most important election in the history of this country. Maybe it sounds like hyperbole, but the wrong person winning the presidency could spell disaster for America beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. 9/11 and the 2008 housing crisis would look like a walk in the park. We’re already on a slippery slope to becoming a third world nation. Did you know Trump wants to abolish Social Security? I won’t even describe how disastrous that would be for millions of elderly and disabled people who have no other options. And that’s just for starters. So please do the right thing and stand by Bernie in his support of Hillary Clinton.  Thank you.

I hope Hillary asks him to run on her ticket as vice president or another cabinet position. That would be a smart move, and attract many of the Bernie supporters who otherwise might not vote.

Why Hillary Clinton must pick Bernie Sanders as VP.


I always try to refrain from posting anything too politically partisan on this blog, but this is too important not to talk about, so I’m breaking my rule here.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  I was and am a Bernie Sanders supporter.   Like Bernie, I’m not afraid to admit my political leanings are “democratic socialist.”   There’s nothing wrong with the S word in my book.   Right wing conservatives have twisted its meaning into something resembling Communism, which it is not.  “Democratic socialism” is the dominant ideology in Canada and western and central Europe.   One of our greatest presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was also a democratic socialist, and lifted this country out of the Depression and indeed, “made America great again.” I always wondered what was so great about the crass narcissism capitalism that’s been taking over America like a cancer for the past 3-4 decades and stealing from the poor and middle class to provide welfare to big corporations and the wealthy. But anyway, I’m not going to get into that any further here.

Like many non-conservatives (I hesitate to call myself a “Democrat,” because in recent years, the party has come to stand for nothing at all except maybe watered down conservatism), I’m tempted to sit out this election, because of my personal feelings about Ms. Clinton.    But if everyone does that, Trump will win by default!    That’s a scary, scary prospect for reasons many of you are already aware of.   The man is a sociopathic, xenophobic, malignant narcissist.   Even mental health professionals point to him as a poster boy for severe NPD.   The prospect of him becoming our next president is truly frightening.

If Hillary doesn’t choose Bernie as her running mate, a lot of liberals are once again going to not bother voting–and write in their votes for Bernie, if they do anything.    Bernie came out of nowhere and became incredibly popular among Millennials in particular, who were (and still are!) almost rabid in their support of him.   Whether you agree with Bernie’s agenda or not, his motives seem honest and he knew how to use social media (especially Twitter) to his advantage, attracting the younger generation, who are this country’s future.

If Hillary is as as smart as she seems to be, she will choose Bernie Sanders as her running mate because then those liberals who otherwise would not vote (and let Trump win by default)  will get out there and vote for her (even if they have to hold their nose while doing it).    Of course, Sanders also has to agree to accept a vice presidential position (or other cabinet position)  under Hillary, even if she should choose him. #VOTEFORHILLARY #BERNIEFORVP

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What do you think? Let’s talk politics.

Is Donald Trump actually a narcissist? Therapists weigh in.

Photo-Illustration by Ben Park; By Noam Galai/WireImage/Getty Images (Trump).

Is Donald Trump really a narcissist?

Is the sky blue? Does a bear relieve himself in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic?

I think he is, and a ridiculous one with weird orange skin at that. If the Oompa Loompas were electing a President, he’d fit right in. He’d be a huge embarrassment to this country, and we already have enough to be embarrassed about.

Seriously though, Donald Trump really is a narcissist. Actual therapists have pegged him as a textbook case of NPD. Here’s an article from Vanity Fair that talks about what they have to say:

Is Donald Trump Actually a Narcissist? Therapists Weigh In
By Henry Alford
Published in Vanity Fair on November 11, 2015


For mental-health professionals, Donald Trump is at once easily diagnosed but slightly confounding. “Remarkably narcissistic,” said developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education. “Textbook narcissistic personality disorder,” echoed clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis. “He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops because there’s no better example of his characteristics,” said clinical psychologist George Simon, who conducts lectures and seminars on manipulative behavior. “Otherwise, I would have had to hire actors and write vignettes. He’s like a dream come true.”

That mental-health professionals are even willing to talk about Trump in the first place may attest to their deep concern about a Trump presidency. As Dr. Robert Klitzman, a professor of psychiatry and the director of the master’s of bioethics program at Columbia University, pointed out, the American Psychiatric Association declares it unethical for psychiatrists to comment on an individual’s mental state without examining him personally and having the patient’s consent to make such comments. This so-called Goldwater rule arose after the publication of a 1964 Fact magazine article in which psychiatrists were polled about Senator Barry Goldwater’s fitness to be president. Senator Goldwater brought a $2 million suit against the magazine and its publisher; the Supreme Court awarded him $1 in compensatory damages and $75,000 in punitive damages.

But you don’t need to have met Donald Trump to feel like you know him; even the smallest exposure can make you feel like you’ve just crossed a large body of water in a small boat with him. Indeed, though narcissistic personality disorder was removed from the most recent issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, for somewhat arcane reasons*, the traits that have defined the disorder in the past—grandiosity; an expectation that others will recognize one’s superiority; a lack of empathy—are writ large in Mr. Trump’s behavior.

Read the rest of this article here.

Is this the man we really want as President? Not me.  For the record, I don’t really disagree with his politics (he’s not that conservative), but he’s nothing but a blowhard and there’s probably no substance under all that hot air.

* My understanding is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (DSM 301.81) was kept in the DSM-V; does anyone have any recent information about this? How ghastly if it were no longer considered a mental illness.

Bonus: here’s a complilation of Trump’s funniest moments.