I feel like I’m in mourning today.     I could barely get through my day.  I called my therapist and told him how upset I was and asked him if  crying and feeling this depressed over a presidential election was a normal reaction.    He shared with me that his phone had been ringing off the hook since last night because people are so depressed, despondent, hopeless, suicidal–and yes, many are crying too.    There are many, many of us feeling a great loss today.   Not over Hillary’s loss per se, but over the loss of hope for this nation.

It’s all over.  America, as we knew it, is no more.

But it’s been coming to this point for 40 years.  How could we have been so blind and denied what was obvious?

It’s all so surreal.

And the games haven’t even begun yet.   We are in deep shit.

This is the worst thing that could ever have happened to this country.   I can’t see anything good coming from it.

I see a Hunger Games future for this country.

I can relate to this song right now, so much.   It was recorded in 1965, a time of hope and innocence when the country was changing in a positive way and people were waking up to new possibilities.  Now everything’s all going to roll back to 50, 100 years ago–a time when women knew their place was in the home serving their authoritarian husbands,  there were no social support systems for the vulnerable, children were to be seen and not heard, homosexuality was considered a serious mental illness, and non-whites knew their place was in a servile role to the rich white men who ran things.

But people still flocked to America even then because they saw the possibilities, the promise of freedom and opportunity.

All of that is gone.

RIP AMERICA: 1776 – 2016


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