Have we gone mad?

Archangel “warrior” Trump.

I wish this were a joke, but it’s not.  There are many “Christian” Americans who actually believe what this article says.   There are people deluded enough to actually believe that a billionaire sociopath, xenophobe, and textbook case of NPD  is the panacea for all the “evil spirits” that threaten this once-great nation and they will be casting their vote in November (the deluded people, not the evil spirits).   Riiiiiight, an orange-skinned, toupeed, former reality television star is God’s chosen warrior against the forces of evil.  .   This is a man who is so narcissistic he even admitted he never asks for God’s forgiveness.  Who has a reputation of being a womanizer and philanderer and who referred to his own daughter as sexy.    Yet many Christians are going to vote for him.

Not so long ago, someone like him would have been laughed out of the primaries.


A similar article singing Trump’s praises for his “truth telling abilities” is illustrated with a painting of Trump as an Archangel (which I have used in this post for its humor value).

Trump is popular because he tells the truth, something Americans are starving for


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    • I heard Canada is making plans for refuge for Americans who flee the country if he gets elected. I wish I could afford to leave if that happens. Election night is going to be one nervewracking night. You watch this guy and think he can’t possibly be for real.

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      • It seems his campaign is unraveling, but you never know. He does and says whatever he wants, and his supporters don’t seem to care. Scary stuff for sure. Fortunately for me I have an occupation that I can do anywhere. Do I want to move? No, but I can’t even imagine what a Trump America would be like. Too many angry nutjobs with guns. Scares the crap out of me.

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        • Yes, it is scary. But you’re probably right–his campaign does seem to be unraveling and he is constantly sticking his foot in his mouth. Even Republicans can’t stand him. I think it will wind up being Hillary, which I can live with, even though I think with her, we’ll just get more of the same and no real changes. I don’t think America is ready yet for someone like Bernie Sanders. Wait til the Millennials get a little older and all of them can vote, and THEN watch what happens! Someone like Sanders would be a shoe in.

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  1. This is scary on about a million levels. And I watch it happening. I see people so ingrained in their thought process (or the one the medias have given them) who won’t listen to reason. I don’t understand it, and I don’t think they do either.

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      • As am I. I talked to my husband about how this election could mean the a second revolution and restructuring of a nation and I wish I’d been joking. I think we’re either going to see an evolution of feminism and equality or we’re going to have a period of anarchy followed by a really big reconstruction period.

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        • Ever hear of The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe? It’s a good book, it was written in 1997 but explains that history moves in a 4-cycle pattern that repeats itself every 80 years or so. A 4th turning is a crisis and upheaval followed by restructuring. The Great Depression/WW2 was the last 4th turning; we have been in one since either 2001 or 2008 (depending if you think the catalyst was 9/11 or the housing crisis). It’s coming to a head now. You should definitely read their book.

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    • It sure as heck is! This country is run by narcissists right now, but Trump is one of the worst I’ve seen.
      If things continue to go along in the direction they’ve been going since the late 70s or early 80s, we’re going to turn into a Third World nation.

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  2. Bravo Lucky Otter!!!!! Bravo!!!!!! It is as if half the nation is reacting like hurt, grown children of narcissistic parents, trying to find answers by choosing a narcissistic, abusive spouse, choosing to forego acknowledging all the red flags. Any man who mocks the handicapped, those who do not have superstar looks, and makes fun of women simply because they menstruate is not the lesser of two evils but a deja vous Adolf Hitler Double Bind Sociopath. Evangelicals, Catholics, and all Christians would do well to remember that it is never possible to obtain a greater good by shaking hands with the devil.

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    • The U.S. really is a lot like a dysfunctional family, complete with its MN parents who marginalize and scapegoat some children (the poor, the handicapped, the ill, and other vulnerable groups of people) and “blame the victim” (it’s your own fault you are poor, etc.). It has its golden children who are given the world and all sorts of goodies (usually narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths who have become very successful and wealthy). And just like a convincing MN parent who can turn everyone against the scapegoat, there are flying monkeys who, even though they aren’t doing so well themselves, join the narcissistic mindset and also shift blame to the most vulnerable member of society. Capitalism run amok. It’s a very toxic system and it’s getting worse.

      I know this is breaking Godwin’s law (look it up on Wikipedia if you’re curious), but I am getting very serious Hitler vibes from Trump. Hitler also seemed like a savior to many Germans, very charming and persuasive, and promising to make Germany great again, and no one had any inkling what his actual intentions were.


      • You are not alone getting Hitler vibes from Trump. I do not think Trump is just a narcissist, but he exhibits all the DSM for a very dangerous kind of sociopathy. I believe any candidate like Hillary who victimizes and blames the most defenseless humans among us, unborn children, is also evil, but Trump’s supposed pro life position is an obvious cheap trick lie. He is not the lesser of two evils. This is a classic Double Bind scenario. And people have been so pushed by the media and liberal elite politically correct culture they think shaking hands with the devil himself is the only way to win, acting out of anger and revenge rather than true love for this country. It is just socialism vs fascism, murder by arsenic vs murder by poison, the classic false dichotomy between two erroneous extremes. From “Innocence” by Dean Koontz: When men in power decide that things need to be rebalanced at any cost, the violence is never brief and never really directed solely at the imbalance that supposedly inspired it. The rule of law becomes the rule of violence. Revenge becomes a synonym for justice. No city is safe from such horror, no nation, no time in all history. Be ready to recognize the moment. Be always ready…… I recognized the moment when Trump justified killing the innocent family members of Islamic terrorists because they kill ours….

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        • One can also note that the quote from Koontz applies to many different moral dilemmas, like a woman supposedly “fixing” the violence of rape by imposing violence on an resultant conceived innocent child. That is why suicide rates accelerate for raped women who abort, whereas those who love the child despite the evil act of rape are paradoxically cured from the PTSD of the rape. God will only allow bad things to happen to those He loves if He can bring a greater good and greater gifts out of it.

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  3. Oh, but he *is* like an angel…

    “How far you have fallen, Lucifer, son of the Dawn…”

    Brimstone is commonly spoken of as having vast store of attractiveness. On a darker note, though – if the church sees someone who does a passable impersonation of what Revelation calls ‘the false prophet’ as heaven-sent, then just ***who*** does this so-called ‘church’ actually follow?

    I like ***real*** snakes a bit too much (as pets) to compare these people to ‘a brood of vipers’. It’s insulting to, uh, the various flavors of Bitis. (e.g. bitis arietans, the puff adder) and other venomous snakes.

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