Have we gone mad?

Archangel “warrior” Trump.

I wish this were a joke, but it’s not.  There are many “Christian” Americans who actually believe what this article says.   There are people deluded enough to actually believe that a billionaire sociopath, xenophobe, and textbook case of NPD  is the panacea for all the “evil spirits” that threaten this once-great nation and they will be casting their vote in November (the deluded people, not the evil spirits).   Riiiiiight, an orange-skinned, toupeed, former reality television star is God’s chosen warrior against the forces of evil.  .   This is a man who is so narcissistic he even admitted he never asks for God’s forgiveness.  Who has a reputation of being a womanizer and philanderer and who referred to his own daughter as sexy.    Yet many Christians are going to vote for him.

Not so long ago, someone like him would have been laughed out of the primaries.


A similar article singing Trump’s praises for his “truth telling abilities” is illustrated with a painting of Trump as an Archangel (which I have used in this post for its humor value).

Trump is popular because he tells the truth, something Americans are starving for