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America is not a Christian nation.

I expect this post will make some people angry, but I don’t care.   I don’t care how much the modern GOP goes on about God and how America is a “Christian” nation. Trump and no one in his inner circle … Continue reading

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The Exodus

Originally posted on Dave Barnhart's Blog:
I have seen your religion, and I hate it. I have heard your doctrine, and I loathe it. Take away your empty praise songs, your vacuous worshiptainment. Your mouth is full of religious…

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We live in dark times, but…

Yes, we are living in very dark times.  Not just here in America, but in many other countries around the world.    It’s enough to send the most emotionally healthy person into the pits of despair, but we can’t allow … Continue reading

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Have we gone mad?

Archangel “warrior” Trump. I wish this were a joke, but it’s not.  There are many “Christian” Americans who actually believe what this article says.   There are people deluded enough to actually believe that a billionaire sociopath, xenophobe, and textbook … Continue reading

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