America is not a Christian nation.

I expect this post will make some people angry, but I don’t care.   I don’t care how much the modern GOP goes on about God and how America is a “Christian” nation. Trump and no one in his inner circle (or maybe his entire administration) are Christians.  I don’t care how often they say they go to church or quote from the Bible.  All that’s nothing but a sales pitch meant to deceive.  If they actually believe they are Christians, then they are the ones who are deceived.

Piety does not equal godliness.  As a friend of mine put it, if Satan were to start a religion, he wouldn’t use pentagrams and blood sacrifice. No, that would be too obvious. He would wrap his dark agenda that preaches the values of greed, narcissism, and selfishness in a shell of legalistic, punishing far-right “christianity.” He would use a few superficial selling points (like abortion, nationalism, and homosexuality)  to lure the gullible masses (and hijack the churches, which has been going on for decades). He would twist around the language so that love means something closer to hate, justice means something closer to torture, and where all truths are fake news.  Lies become alternative facts, rights become entitlements, and compassion becomes the “encouragement of dependency.”  He would pretend to be saving your life while he’s really sinking a knife in your back.    He would promise to uphold a nation’s constitution and “make it great again” while he’s actually trying to destroy its very fabric.  He would wave a cross while angrily preaching a doctrine that promotes chaos, confusion, terror, despair, suffering, hatred, violence, marginalization, and exclusion — the opposite of anything Jesus taught.  He would show no mercy or forgiveness should you falter or become weak under his regime.  He would punish and marginalize the most vulnerable just for being vulnerable.  He would disrespect the earth and have no compunctions about destroying it for his own immediate gratification.   He would co-opt and transform the most popular religion in the land and turn it into a weapon intended to terrorize, marginalize, and destroy souls.

The modern GOP that has hijacked our country (and is almost certainly in collusion with Russia) are doing exactly all these things — while giving God lip service.   They lie about everything, even when they don’t need to lie. Then they lie even more to cover up the lies.    Who was the father of lies?   You got it — that’s their real god.   What we have now is not a proper government OR a religion — it’s a cult.  Trump is the cult’s leader.    His most ardent supporters — most who call themselves Christians — are practicing a form of idolatry.   To them, Trump is as infallible as God.   I remember when he said he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and they would still stand behind him.   It was probably the only true thing he ever said.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness.” — Exodus 20:16
“By their fruits, ye shall know them.” – Matt. 7-16
“At that time many will fall away and will betray and hate one another, and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.”–Matt. 24:10-12

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  1. I sincerely doubt that any of these people are christens or concerned with any religion. particularly Trump, rather they are lying hypocrites with an agenda that has nothing to do with doing the right thing.

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  2. Being a Christian includes spiritual discernment. My first question is are you a Christian? If so , how do you feel about casting stones and pronouncing judgement on those that don’t line up with your brand of Christianity? Next, by what authority did you get the intel that Trump is not a Christian? My bible ( if you believe the bible) says ” the first shall be last and the last shall be first” – you are on a slippery slope pretending to be psychically announcing who has trusted Christ as Lord and Savior ( that’s the criteria btw). I think if you prefer a false imaginary, child raping, goat dating idol like moham-head over a living God, you are the one with the problem. You cannot go around selectively bible verses like a cafeteria plan and toss them out to start fires.. actually that’s what the father of lies does….
    To my knowledge, Trump and his Vice President have declared themselves to be Christian. I have seen Trump in Christian shows like the 700 Club where you don’t get to ” fake it” .He may be a young believer as far as his faith goes, but that beats the heck out of Hillary and Obama’s attempts at doing away with God, and replacing Him with islam and sharia law…

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    • Yes, I’m a Christian and I do read the Bible. And nothing in the Bible supports a president who lies, gaslights, colludes with a foreign agent to steal an election (I know it’s not proven but the evidence piles up by the day), and take healthcare away from the people. I can’t speak for anyone’s actual beliefs but I can see how people treat others, and there is nothing remotely Christian about anything this president is doing. He’s a lying, cheating, sociopathic con-man and cares only about himself and getting even richer (and his donors even richer), even it means selling the American people own the river. As for your remark about Sharia law or Islam taking over, that is patently ridiculous. We haven’t been attacked by any Muslim terrorist group since 9/11 nor do I believe we’re in any danger now. Instead we’re being terrorized by the far right Christian version of the Taliban. Open your eyes and stop deluding yourself that this president is a good man appointed by God.

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        • Anyone but Trump. I’m no fan of Hillary either but nothing she ever did came close to the way this petty demagogue is destroying the country and the world. I’d like to know what you think was so terrible about Obama. Because he’s black? Because he made healthcare available to people who never got it before? Because you believe the “birther” lies that Trump himself started? Because you believe he’s a Muslim, which is another lie? How can you believe anything Trump says? He’s also a bully who insults women and minorities. If you’re a woman, how could you stand behind a man who brags about grabbing women by the you know what? You’re the one drinking the koolaid. Turn off Fox News.

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        • for myself. I would prefer Obama to those other choices. Trump is systematically destroying the very fabric of our country. Hillary was a horrid choice. Bernie would have been better than any of them. As far as ‘drinking the koolaid”, some of us remember our history and see what is happening without having to resort to sarcasm or snark, or name calling.

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    • Point 1. Saying one is a Christian does not make one a Christian, anymore than any candidate’s stated political platform – or stint on the 700 Club – indicates sincerity.

      Point 2. One does not become Christian by reciting rote phrases like “I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior” (that is ritualism and unscriptural), but by a fiat of the will, and an act of the heart.

      Point 3. If you think just because someone does not support one political candidate, they have to necessarily support the other, it is you who have gotten drunk on the Kool Aid of false dichotomies. I do not have to be pro abortion for example, just because I recognize Trump is not really pro life.

      Point 4. Satan does not care whom we support politically, just as long as we don’t support Truth, wherever Truth lies.

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      • 1,3,4 I agree-
        2- You are wrong.. scripture does say ” Anyone who confesses with their mouth and and believes in their heart that Jesus is Lord will be saved”
        Unless you are reading the Jehovah witnesss bible, book of mormon or some other cult classic, you should know this. You cannot judge what id in a persons heart.. the above statement is from scripture… You are violating your own rules by claiming to know the belief of a person who you don’t know..


        • Try not wrongly assuming what bible I use, while misquoting Scripture – by taking quotes out of context – and quoting from a revised edition yourself. I do not hold King James or any pope as personally infallible.

          Why does John after the statement “If you confess with your mouth…” emphasize the distinction between having confidence one is saved – with absolute certainty one is saved?

          And why do Evangelicals confuse “confessing the Lord Jesus ” verbally – and believing in His resurrection – with a rote phrase like “I accept Christ as my personal Lord and Savior” that some man made up – and is not even Scriptural?

          “Confessing the Lord Jesus” does not mean chanting a man made verse, but speaking and valuing Truth in all verbal exchanges – which clearly you have not done in this online exchange.

          I have not judged you – but I have judged your publicly stated words and arguments. I can think, and God commands those of us who can – do.

          For example, you say you “agree” with my first few points, yet your stated remarks to Otter express the exact opposite. Would you like me to line them up for you so you can see for yourself?

          But what I find most offensive and anti Christian about your words – is that they imply that just because one sees and expresses the truth about Trump, one must necessarily “believe in” opposing candidates . This also indicates perhaps you suffer from cognitive dissonance. You are expressing assumption, brainwashing, and logical fallacies, and not Truth. Expressing “Jesus Christ” means expressing and valuing Truth.

          You are not God – despite your expressed desire to be honored (without proving merit) with the title “Sir”.

          You state I am claiming to know the belief of someone I don’t know (or judging what’s in your heart) with no evidence to that end – after you clearly stated your belief in Trump’s inner sincerity – because of something you saw on an Evangelical TV Show.

          How can you claim to be the judge of Trump’s inner sincerity than falsely imply I’m judging your inner sincerity?

          I don’t know you from Adam – and do not wish to. I am only judging your stated public words which by logic – do not express a cohesive argument – but an attack for some unknown reason on Otter’s page.

          It has been entertaining however – and for that I thank you.

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          • Your jealous of my knowledge yet your narcissism won’t allow you to admit it. You’ve lied several times ..saying I proclaimed Trump a Christian and know his heart because he was on 700 club…if you studied scripture as much as rt he phony DSM, your narratives might make sense…I’d still like you to call me Sir or Professor


            • “Your” ( you misspelled the word) “jealous of my knowledge” = False and objectively impossible, judgement of my inner intention.

              Do you think you can read people’s minds?

              “your narcissism won’t allow you to admit it.” = assumptive, false and objectively impossible judgement of my inner intention.

              “You’ve lied several times…saying I proclaimed Trump a Christian and know his heart because he was on 700 club”

              You: ” Trump and his Vice President have declared themselves to be Christian. I have seen Trump in Christian shows like the 700 Club where you don’t get to ” fake it'”

              Therefore, “You’ve lied several times…saying I proclaimed Trump a Christian and know his heart because he was on 700 club” = the real lie.

              “if you studied scripture as much as rt he phony DSM”

              How would you know how much I’ve studied Scripture, or the DSM?

              “t he phony DSM… those of you who subscribe to APD and Split Personality/ DD” = What people diagnosed with a delusional disorder and severe anosognosia commonly call the DSM .. and how they attempt to downplay the legitimacy of their own diagnoses.

              ” your narratives might make sense”

              By what criteria do you call my words “narratives” and not arguments, and support your logical fallacies?

              “I’d still like you to call me Sir or Professor… I like sharing truth with the blind….Often times I do take a stipend If I feel my teaching was exceptional…If you would like a signed copy of one of my books…” = hysterically funny… but things someone suffering from a grandiose delusion complex would say.

              I do feel a cumpulsion coming on, but it’s not to call you “Sir.” It’s to bluntly ask – Have you been diagnosed with a delusional disorder, or are you just joking?


        • Don’t feed the trolls. Stop engaging this guy. He is just harassing you. Any person who can read and think knows what kind of man Trump is and what his whole agenda is. Let him go find his entertainment elsewhere. Take care of yourself and keep on writing the truth.

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    • I find it interesting that you cast aspersions on someone’s view of whether or not Mr. Trump is truly Christian and then turn around and declare that Obama and Clinton are not only not Christian but also promoting Islam. May I ask by what authority did you get that intel? Could it be 700 Club? A show that is (in my opinion) political propaganda wrapped in a religious facade to promote a Christian version of Sharia law. I would even go as far as to say that if the beast, as understand it, is walking among us it would come to us under a similar veil by which that show operates.

      I agree that people should not be casting stones and pronouncing judgement however, people should also practice what they preach. Finally, I’ve debated Christians and I know how a true Christian of faith debates, You argument does not even come close to resembling such.

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  3. Well- Had I taken the time to read your bio and your self-diagnosed Borderline as well as APD.. thi would have made more sense.
    By the way do you recall Obama saying ” If you like your healthcare plan- you can keep it?” lol
    I think I see some PROJECTION here–Trump is not the one lying..
    Oh and BTW – did I read correctly that you dont think we are under any threat of sharia and islam invasion?? Are you institutionalized? Or do you avoid the news?
    And just FYI- Trump doesnt need any more money- he had accomplished something you and I have not Billionaire status….him and only 1200 others in the world..
    How do you justify Obama giving 3 billion dollars to fund the muslim brotherhood? with your money?
    Obama and Hillary are being investigated for 45 each felony counts of high treason for selling this country out to islam and sharia… if you support that you should get you some goats and move away..

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    • Like I said, turn off Fox News and read something besides Breitbart and InfoWars. It’s fake news. There is nothing to support Obama a/o HRC have any ties to Islam. Or that Hillary runs a child pedophile ring out of the back of a pizza parlor. Or that Michelle Obama had a sex change operation (hear about that one?) But you’re gonna believe what you’re gonna believe, I have stopped trying to get anyone who has drank the Trumpian koolaid to see the truth and that you have been duped by a conman. As far as I’m concerned this conversation is over.

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  5. “Cardosso worshiped himself…” (a quote from a rough draft writ years ago.

    Now, since our current *witch-in-charge* (as in he thinks and acts like one, believing he can bend reality to his will by his prouncements) has decided to cause us all to ‘verily worship him as god…)


    Easy. Ruin the country, and make us ***all*** depend in totality upon his inclination of the moment, much as if we were his bought-and-paid-for ***slaves***. When some controls you to that degree -to make your continued survival depend upon their momentary pleasure – then they will be both uppermost in your thinking and foremost in all you do.

    Just like God is ***supposed*** to be.

    Now – trick question – just ***who*** is so concerned with ‘dominance, power and control’ that they’ll do anything to achieve it? Who *wants* that kind of control, not caring one whit as to whether it is sustainable, or even ***moral***?

    Answer that question, and you’ll understand precisely who is running our current ***bin*** (filled with moon-struck moon-children, no less – which is another hint.)

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  6. Even before the debacle of this election Greg Boyd PhD wrote a great book about this topic calling the political alliance of the religious right with evangelicalism the ruination of the church
    You can find him interviewed on youtube echoing what you’ve said here. The genocide of the original inhabitants in the name of manifest destiny is just one example of how badly reality is distorted when religion is mixed with politics. We see a continuation of that presently in that no matter how depraved, immoral, treasonous and dishonest Trump is the religious right upholds him still as “God’s man in the White House” and a “great leader” I’m watching with astonishment as it happens

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    • Thanks for this link. It looks very interesting and I agree. This is why religion and politics do NOT mix and never will. Mixing them corrupts both.


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