Feeding our soul

Here are some inspiring thoughts from an amazing blogger I just started reading. ūüôā

Snoopy’s got the right idea. ¬†Don’t let a Lucy put a damper on the simple things that brighten your day.

Emerging From The Dark Night


A question for you.  What did you do today to feed your soul?

When we are down and hurting and when we are concentrating on the pain we have gone through sometimes we forget that there is something we could do to help our soul’s feel comforted in that moment when things are hard.  We could do something to love, care for and nurture ourselves.

Today prompted by reading a lovely meditation my favourite book  Tian Dayton’s One Foot in Front of the Other I thought of the things I did today to feed my soul and I thought of a gratitude practice of listing these things that would mean that the benefit of these lovely experiences could grow within my soul :

Waking I felt the sun streaming through the window, so grateful for its warmth and comfort.

I took a long, slow shower and lingered as long as I could under the comforting…

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4 thoughts on “Feeding our soul

  1. Hey, Lucky! Did you know you have a Trump add on your blog but it’s cut off so it says “E America Eat Again” instead of his regular slogan. LOL!

    What I do for my soul? I find that acknowledging my pain and accepting it fully helps a lot. It’s really just a form of be-here-now which I consider the core of spirituality. I think pain isn’t a sensation. It’s our attempt to avoid a sensation or experience. Turning around and facing whatever is chasing one does great things.


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      I saw another one for some very risque lingerie yesterday, like you’d find in Frederick’s of Hollywood (do they still even exist?)


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