Bernie Sanders endorses Clinton–progressives take heed!


News article from CNN:


Many Bernie supporters are understandably upset that he lost to Hillary in the primaries. However, I’m alarmed by how many of them say they want to sit out this election or write in a vote for Bernie just because they can’t stand Hillary or her policies.  I understand those feelings, but please hear me out.   I don’t care for Clinton much either, but Bernie himself has bowed out graciously and is supporting her in this election. He knows what will happen if he does not.

Progressives, please do the right thing.   If you don’t vote–or write in an independent vote for Bernie–Trump has a very good chance of winning this election!  Is that really what you want? So if you feel as strongly as I do about what a disaster a Trump presidency would be, then hold your nose, use smelling salts, whatever you have to do–but vote for Hillary, just as Bernie is doing.

Again, my apologies for getting political on this blog, but this is probably the most important election in the history of this country. Maybe it sounds like hyperbole, but the wrong person winning the presidency could spell disaster for America beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. 9/11 and the 2008 housing crisis would look like a walk in the park. We’re already on a slippery slope to becoming a third world nation. Did you know Trump wants to abolish Social Security? I won’t even describe how disastrous that would be for millions of elderly and disabled people who have no other options. And that’s just for starters. So please do the right thing and stand by Bernie in his support of Hillary Clinton.  Thank you.

I hope Hillary asks him to run on her ticket as vice president or another cabinet position. That would be a smart move, and attract many of the Bernie supporters who otherwise might not vote.

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  1. I think having Bernie as VP or a cabinet post is a bad idea. VP’s don’t do much more than go to funerals, and a cabinet post has its liabilities too. Bernie should remain in the senate where, I believe, he can do the most good.

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