Thoughts about this election and voting.


I’m going to keep this short, but I have a few things to say about the election, voting, and voters, and a little about etiquette.

First, I don’t automatically judge people based on their political beliefs.  I don’t like Trump or his policies, but I know many perfectly lovely people who do, and who voted for him.   We may disagree on certain things, but that doesn’t mean I think you’re a bad person or will stop being your friend.

Second, if you didn’t bother to vote, or wasted your vote by writing in something silly like “Mickey Mouse,” then don’t complain about the outcome tonight.   Many people (myself included) weren’t thrilled about either candidate, but still voted anyway, even if it was “the lesser of two evils” or a vote against the other candidate.   If you voted for someone else who represents another political party or is an independent, that’s fine too.      At least you made the effort and voted for someone you believed in, even if the person had no chance.  But “Donald Duck” or “Jesus Christ” is a cop-out and a mockery of your constitutional right to vote.

Lastly, even if you voted, don’t be a sore loser.  It’s fine to complain about the outcome if your candidate lost, but don’t be an idiot and direct personal insults to people who voted for the winner.   Likewise, if your candidate wins, don’t be a jerk and direct insults to people who voted for the loser.   That’s just mean and cruel.    A lot of people are going to be upset tonight.   Try to be a little sensitive to their feelings even if you can’t stand who they voted for.   People take this stuff very seriously.   You probably wouldn’t put down someone for their religious beliefs (at least I hope not), so try to show the same respect toward those who have different political beliefs than yours.

All that out of the way,  I’m going to be so glad when all this is over.  I’m sick to death of this election.   Now I’m off to go watch the results come in, and probably vomit from the stress.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts about this election and voting.

  1. To be very honest, I wrote in “the village idiot” the last election as an statement of discontent for the candidates that were offered to me (I thought about it this election but I did not). I believe that to “vote for the lesser of the two evils” or “voted for one candidate because I dislike the other one more” to be more ethically ambiguous that writing in a non-candidate. Let’s be quite honest too, our political system (and candidates) have made more of a mockery of our constitution than any write in candidate anyone could put in.

    That being said…is it over yet?!

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