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So I’m officially Roman Catholic.

The Easter Vigil Mass tonight was beautiful, and started with a fire outside, where a torch was lit and we all lit candles from the torch and went inside the church (St. Joan of Arc in Candler, NC). It was … Continue reading

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I’m finally getting really excited about this.

In late October, after a lifetime of being agnostic but intermittently dabbling in various cults (Scientology) and religions including Buddhism and fundamentalist Christianity (Southern Baptist), I made the decision to become a Roman Catholic. If you’re interested in the reasoning … Continue reading

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The day I went to Hell.

A old friend from another website I used to frequent and I were having an interesting conversation earlier today on Facebook about my conversion to Catholicism on Easter. My friend converted two years ago (from Episcopalian) so of course he … Continue reading

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Wow, this is getting real…

Back in late October, I made the decision to become Catholic. I’ve been attending RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) classes every Wednesday night since then. If you want to read about how my decision evolved, you can read these blog … Continue reading

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Scientology: a cult of psychopathy

Scientology, like most cults, uses exactly the same brainwashing techniques the narcissist does to recruit and retain its members. Here’s a video I found on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, where Sam Vaknin talks about the “cult of the narcissist,” and … Continue reading

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Do dogs go to heaven?

This is the first time I am reblogging a post I disagree with. I respect this blogger’s religious beliefs and I’m a Christian, but sometimes the crazy on this blog is off the charts, with all its hellfire and brimstone … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen worships himself.

I found this intriguing article at about the famous megachurch leader, Joel Osteen, a proponent of the peculiarly American “prosperity gospel,” a belief that God will reward you with material wealth if you are a True Believer. The article … Continue reading

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What Sam Vaknin thinks about Jesus.

He replied to my last article about what he says about Jesus Christ–twice.   Once again he had to clarify a few things by providing links. One of the links provided talks about religion being a perfect way that narcissists … Continue reading

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Sam Vaknin thinks Jesus was a narcissist.

A true cult’s agenda and operation is definitely psychopathic. (click to enlarge). Sam Vaknin has a lot to say about religion and cults and how they relate to psychopathy. On his website, he addresses the problems of religious cults and … Continue reading

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We All Need a “Mother”

Originally posted on Dog Dharma's Blog:
Mary, the Blessed Virgin Last night, I attended my RCIA class (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).  If you have a quarrel with religion or spirituality (my preferred word) or Christianity, don’t be…

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