We All Need a “Mother”

This article is right in keeping with my own attendance at RCIA (the classes one takes to become Catholic) and what I am learning. As the child of a malignant narcissist mother, Mary is about as unlike my mother as it’s possible to be. I need a ever merciful Mary in my life! I’m also finding that, rather than the dogmatic, intolerant, bloated religion Catholicism has a reputation of being, that’s it’s actually one of the most loving and tolerant of all Christian religions–and probably the most authentic (being the oldest and apostolic church Jesus actually founded).

I’m also taken with this writer’s affinity for Buddhism, which I’ve dabbled in myself. Buddhism, rather than being a religion, is more of a philosophy. You can believe in one God or not. I don’t think reincarnation and karma are reconcilable with Catholicism (or any other form of Christianity), but these beliefs have a lot going for them and there are a lot of good arguments in their favor. I’m reblogging this article because it puts a lot of the thoughts I’ve been having into words much better than I can.

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  1. I left the Catholic church when I was young and later on as an adult. I spent a total of 20 years in the church. When I was young starting at age 17 I spent 13 years in the Unitarian Universalist Association-and studied all world religions including Buddhism and had a visit to a Buddhist temple with a friend. Religious exploration obviously is not something new to me though today I believe Christianity is the truth. I took RCIA as an adult to see if I would go back in but at the time did not. I became a born again Christian in my 30s, and believe in salvation by faith. We are to trust in Jesus Christ alone as Lord and Savor.

    I felt moved to give you this link:



    I wrote about my family and experiences with the Catholic church on my blog:


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    • Thanks for the links, and I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with the Catholic church. It sure doesn’t help when your FOO which treated you as badly as they did are part of that faith! I am finding out in my RCIA classes that there is not too much difference between Catholicism and born again Christianity. I have had many people try to get me to go to their church and have me say the “sinner’s prayer” and accept Jesus as my personal savior, and I still think I can do this–in fact, many Catholics are also “saved.” For me, as a child, being raised by upper middle class WASP Protestants, I found comfort in the Catholic church, which the more functional non-narcissistic families of my friends attended (I am from the northeast LOL) so ther’es a nostalgic, comfort element for me. Catholics do not worship Mary or the saints; they are honored though and they pray FOR us (but we can also talk directly to God/Jesus). I talk to God all the time and I feel like he listens and has led me here. But the catholic church certainly isn’t for everyone. Some don’t like the ritual or the idea of sacraments, but I do and I’m finding out they are actually very Biblical. If you would like to talk more about this you can always email me under “contact me” in the green bar in the header. I think it’s wonderful you have found God and he is making so many positive changes for you. Blogging for me has brought me closer to God and heightened my spiritual journey–I believe God led me to blogging to find Him. It’s pretty wonderful, isn’t it? 🙂
      I’ll definitely read those links you sent me today, thanks! I finally finished your entire blog and commented (Anonymous). I think it’s fascinating the way it started as a blog about overweight strictly and then evolved as you realized your family had targeted you. For me, it’s sort of the reverse. I started blogging to work out the feelings of rejection by my family but it’s evolved into so much more! Keep reading and posting.


  2. Thank you for the blog Dog Dharma and for reposting it Lucky Otter. I’ve been born and raised Catholic. It’s the only religion I’ve ever known. When I suffered grief in the last 5 years it’s been my faith in God that has got me through. I feel at home in my church, I feel at home in my heart, when God resides there. Thank you for allowing me to share. 😊

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    • You’re very welcome, jasckmom. I wish I had been raised Catholic (I think, but then I might have taken it for granted) because then I would know the rich history of many, many decades and all the rituals. I’m glad to share my little piece of the journey with you.

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