My thoughts about Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech and the Cohen testimony.



I stayed glued to my television during the Michael Cohen testimony today.   I honestly think that although Cohen made some bad choices and became the shady “fixer” for Trump (and ruined his own life in making the choices he did), he is essentially a good guy who was seduced by Trump’s fake glitter and false promises of wealth.

I believe Cohen redeemed himself today.  He showed deep remorse for his past actions and a sincere willingness to change, especially for the sake of his family, who he acknowledges have been hurt by his past actions.

The broken, sad faced Cohen having a chance at redemption and handling himself so well under the intense questioning (and sometimes bullying) he had to endure today was moving enough, but Chairman Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech made me lose it completely (Cohen was wiping away tears himself).

Watch and share this video (contained in the linked article).   This is destined to become a historic speech and today will prove to be a historic day.  Cummings’ powerful words give me hope that not just Cohen, but America too, can be redeemed and we can return to our former greatness.   (He’s wrong that there can be a “better Donald Trump” though — malignant narcissists like him can’t change).

The fire next door.


About six AM yesterday morning a loud noise woke me up.   At first I thought it was thunder, and then I pulled back the curtains and looked out the window.  It was still dark outside, but the small four unit apartment building next door was in flames.

I made the call to the fire department, and apparently no one else had bothered to, because later on in the news story,  it said”the call came when the fire was already in an advanced stage.”

We were lucky.   There is a large tree in our yard that almost touches the roof of the apartment buildings, and there was shrapnel falling off the flaming roof into the bushes below and even the grass.   The fact there’s been so much rain was probably the reason the fire didn’t really spread once it touched the grass.  But if that tree had caught flame from the roof … well, let’s just say I may not have a house right now.   Thank goodness we woke up when we did.

Tragically, one elderly woman in the apartment building didn’t make it out.    Another person was injured and is in the hospital in serious condition.   I hope no pets were trapped inside.

The police are suspecting arson.  There has been some suspicious activity in that building lately, and they are investigating.    I took two photos — the one you see heading this post was taken around 6:20, before the fire department arrived.   It was taken just as the fire was spreading to the roof.  The second (below) was taken several hours later after it was put out.  The building continued to smolder for the rest of the day.   All four units were completely hollowed out.


Here is the news story that appeared yesterday evening.


Prayers and thoughts for my friends on the Atlantic Coast


Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit the Atlantic Coast in 11 years (Category 4), devastated eastern and central Florida yesterday (my son is safe because he lives on the west coast of Florida) and has now barreled into the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.  It has weakened but is still dangerous, and could spawn tornadoes and cause massive flooding.    Even here, in western North Carolina, we can feel its effects–it’s overcast and quite windy!  So I can imagine it’s pretty bad in coastal South Carolina right now.

I know some of you live in these areas.   My prayers and thoughts go out to you.  Stay safe and if you haven’t evacuated, STAY INSIDE!

Here is a Facebook page where you can check in and let your loved ones know you’re safe, in case they’re worrying.    It seems to be just for Florida residents though.

Have you been in Matthew’s path?   Talk here about what it was like for you.

I think my brain just exploded.

This is just all kinds of wrong. A mother KNITTED a replica of her golden child son, because he doesn’t want to cuddle with her anymore (he’s a teenager). The replica requires a human wearer to bring it to “life” though. The mother’s younger son (who I bet is the scapegoat) has the “honor” of wearing the replica and pretending he’s the older son.

When Her Teenage Son Didn’t Want To Cuddle With Her Anymore, She Did THIS… I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Scroll to the bottom of the article to view the video.

Robert Durst disgusting excuse

I agree with Gale how outrageous this is. This man is a psychopathic murderer who is using ASPERGERS as an excuse to get away with his heinous acts. Not only is he a raging liar, by using Aspergers as his excuse, he is giving that disorder a bad reputation (it’s already bad enough that Aspies have are erroneously accused of having no empathy just because we don’t always express it as well as a neurotypical). Of course there will be those who will believe him. This murderer is no Aspie–he is a raging, dangerous, evil PSYCHOPATH.



Last night I was appalled to see that this murderer’s lawyer is going to use the same excuse that got this murder off last time. ASPERGERS! This is really outrageous.

Robert Durst is about to get away with more murders. Using the badly understood condition known as Aspergers. This is a terrible precedent to set. How is the fact that he has Aspergers affect the fact that he murdered a man, cut him in pieces and tossed him in the water. Then he went on the lam. Now with this new arrest his lawyer is claiming the producers of the program where he admits while talking to himself and miked that he “killed them all”.  He has withdrawn cash in small bills, put them in several envelopes ready to mail. He had his passport and other documents and was reported to be planning to flee to Cuba.


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The Hug Seen Round the World — The Antidote to Evil

This beautiful photo and story following a terrible tragedy shows us that empathy is still alive and well. I have to admit this photo brought tears to my eyes. If only we saw more of this sort of thing.