Prayers and thoughts for my friends on the Atlantic Coast


Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit the Atlantic Coast in 11 years (Category 4), devastated eastern and central Florida yesterday (my son is safe because he lives on the west coast of Florida) and has now barreled into the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.  It has weakened but is still dangerous, and could spawn tornadoes and cause massive flooding.    Even here, in western North Carolina, we can feel its effects–it’s overcast and quite windy!  So I can imagine it’s pretty bad in coastal South Carolina right now.

I know some of you live in these areas.   My prayers and thoughts go out to you.  Stay safe and if you haven’t evacuated, STAY INSIDE!

Here is a Facebook page where you can check in and let your loved ones know you’re safe, in case they’re worrying.    It seems to be just for Florida residents though.

Have you been in Matthew’s path?   Talk here about what it was like for you.