My thoughts about Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech and the Cohen testimony.



I stayed glued to my television during the Michael Cohen testimony today.   I honestly think that although Cohen made some bad choices and became the shady “fixer” for Trump (and ruined his own life in making the choices he did), he is essentially a good guy who was seduced by Trump’s fake glitter and false promises of wealth.

I believe Cohen redeemed himself today.  He showed deep remorse for his past actions and a sincere willingness to change, especially for the sake of his family, who he acknowledges have been hurt by his past actions.

The broken, sad faced Cohen having a chance at redemption and handling himself so well under the intense questioning (and sometimes bullying) he had to endure today was moving enough, but Chairman Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech made me lose it completely (Cohen was wiping away tears himself).

Watch and share this video (contained in the linked article).   This is destined to become a historic speech and today will prove to be a historic day.  Cummings’ powerful words give me hope that not just Cohen, but America too, can be redeemed and we can return to our former greatness.   (He’s wrong that there can be a “better Donald Trump” though — malignant narcissists like him can’t change).


6 thoughts on “My thoughts about Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech and the Cohen testimony.

  1. I didn’t watch/listen to the whole thing, but one of the excerpts that struck me was Cohen’s warning, as a narcissist’s former flying monkey, to the Republican law makers blindly protecting Trump (i.e. the current flying monkeys) as he did, of the fate that may well await them when the reckoning comes.

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    • I remember that too. I thought there was a lot of truth to that statement, and I’m sure he is right. He also warned that he thougth if he lost the 2020 election, the “transition of power may not be peaceful.” In other words, Trump won’t give up the presidency easily. He may refuse to leave.

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      • Considering the legal and other risks Trump is likely to face once out of office, and his narcissism, he can at least be expected to try to challenge the outcome of an election he looses. If he wins, he is also likely to talk about undoing the two term limit.

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        • He ususally “floats” a new idea in the form of a trial balloon, usually a “joke.” Like when President Xi (sp?) of China made himself “President for Life”, Trump “joked” that maybe he should do the same.
          Remember, malignant narcissist DO NOT JOKE! He was throwing this out as a trial balloon, and it means it wouldn’t be past him to put an end to elections and term limits for a president. I have no doubt he will try to do this and establish himself as King or Emperor, with his horrible children succeeding him, of course.

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          • Two prevention options occur to me. One is to remove him by impeachment (possibly resulting his his having to be forcibly escorted out of the White House) or 25th Amendment process. The other is to get him to hate being President (feeling unappreciated and disrespected, or just “tired” of the whole thing). If the Mueller team and the team at Southern District of NY follow the standard playbook of taking down a criminal enterprise, everyone close to him and compromised by their loyalty will be indicted, leaving him alone and exposed. In that event, he will be enraged and obviously dangerous enough to force his removal.

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