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So now I’m a terrorist.

  The Department of Homeland Security now wants to compile a list of all journalists, bloggers, and “media influencers.”   In particular, they’re keeping tabs on journalists, bloggers, and media influencers who oppose or criticize our Dear Leader Trump.  The DHS was … Continue reading

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#044–Why don’t they call white male mass shooters “terrorists”?

Originally posted on The Chatty Introvert:
(Photo Credit: nbcnews.com) I am so sick of this crap. I’m sick of these killings. I’m sick of these “woe is me” stories of a guy who can’t hack it and says “screw the…

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Listen up, fake Christians and white nationalists.

The Bible you claim to love so much has a lot to say about racism and the kind of deplorable behavior shown in Charlottesville, Virginia this morning.   Maybe it’s time to admit you’ve been wrong about this, and a … Continue reading

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Objectification: making dehumanization okay.

In Trump’s post-PC America, it’s become okay to dehumanize people or groups of people you don’t like. Then they justify it by calling it “straight talk” or “honesty,” which of course it is anything but. Dehumanization means objectifying a person … Continue reading

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The Children of Manchester

Originally posted on The Tony Burgess Blog:
The children of Manchester are wondering why, like all of us. A rising pop princess puts on a concert designed to bring people together and to sing for her generation suddenly is thrown…

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When time stands still: 15th anniversary of 9/11

Not too long ago, one of my regular readers spoke of seeing a bunch of military tanks practicing for a martial law takeover. In America, I am hearing of an increasing number of incidents like this. I try to avoid … Continue reading

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