Listen up, fake Christians and white nationalists.

Members of the Ku Klux Klan yell as they fly Confederate flags during a rally at the statehouse in Columbia

The Bible you claim to love so much has a lot to say about racism and the kind of deplorable behavior shown in Charlottesville, Virginia this morning.   Maybe it’s time to admit you’ve been wrong about this, and a lot of other things.


And that’s just for starters.

You are no better than ISIS terrorists.  They think they’re right too.


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    • When you think about it, race is just an illusion — all it is is the number of melanin cells that humans have evolved to adapt to levels of sunlight and other environmental factors.

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  1. What happened today is utterly disgusting. Somehow, these folks think that Civil War is still going on. And that they can go around and terrorize people like in the old days. This country belongs to everyone. Not only these haters. Potus has fed into the minds of people like this with his hateful rhetoric. This was a terrorist act and should be handled accordingly. This is 2017 not 1865…

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  2. Hard to believe this is still going on.

    If these people do think they are God’s people, they are in for a rude awakening.

    But I can’t imagine they really give it much thought since as you said, if they read the bible and took it seriously they wouldn’t be so high and mighty and indignant and self righteous and zealous and hate filled based on their relative lack of melanin.

    I think they may just assume that they must be God’s people based on their belief that they are better than others whom they look down upon and hate. I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.

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    • Most of the ones like this are pretty low on the socio-economic totem pole themselves, and feel so bad about themselves they have to find some other group to feel superior too. Hence, the racism you see in poor & working class whites so often. Religion is also a panacea for them and is another way they can feel superior to others. They never learned to think critically, although this isn’t necessarily their own fault.

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  3. Did you read what the Trump said about this? He blamed what happened on “many sides”. It wasn’t many sides that committed this evil, murderous act. It was just one side — the HATER, RACIST side.

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  4. I never really got anti-Semitism either; I think it must simply be envy because Jewish people usually end up doing pretty well economically (for whatever reason) no matter what befalls them. Hope THAT doesn’t sound racist, but it seems to be (generally) true in my experience.

    I would hesitate to (and I don’t think it’s fair to) characterize poor and/or working class whites as tending to be racist. Yes, white supremacists are always white by definition and are usually poor or working class because they’re necessarily disagreeable morons and almost nobody wants to have anything to do with them.

    But it doesn’t follow that poor/working class white people tend to be racist. Maybe I’m wrong and there is a correlation though I’m not sure how you could reliably measure that. CNN implies it regularly but I think they’re trying to delegitimize people who have a different, less cosmopolitan worldview than their own. Trump got the working class white vote because he visited them and made them economic promises, and Hillary did neither- she took them for granted. Like Bill Clinton said: “The economy, stupid”. But Democrats have been delegitimizing Republicans as “racists” for decades, ever since JKF got on board with the civil rights movement and co-opted that historically Republican issue. Nothing new there; attack the man.

    That reminds me of another thing. It’s one thing to be a white person who is more nationalistic as opposed to globalism. Say you’re a white person and you favor a more national emphasis than Barack Obama, who had the most globalist perspective of any president ever, by a long shot. Say you favor a balance along the lines of say, Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. That’s OK and people should not harass you or make slurs about your character for it. A good argument can be made for that position; you might disagree but it’s a policy matter- there are not unlimited resources, decisions need to made, and bad things can happen when power gets centralized on an international basis.

    It’s a different thing entirely to be a “white nationalist” in the sense of being a white supremacist who thinks white people are superior to others and only white people should be able to vote, etc etc.

    Those are two totally different things, but they seem to get conflated a lot which is not an honest or fair way to represent people and their viewpoints.

    It’s a textbook example of the fallacy of equivocation- if you’re white and nationalistic, you’re a white nationalist = white supremacist. False.

    White (or black or yellow or brown) people who want our government to be more focused on the interests of US citizens than Barack Obama was do not deserve to be slurred and it’s not fair.

    Another thing, I can’t stand how MSM makes the entire story about how Trump isn’t correctly denouncing the white supremacists in particular. It logically & necessarily & unavoidably follows from his comments that he was denouncing them. His denunciation that they don’t like is not the story. But I can also kind of see why it concerns people that Trump hasn’t specifically denounced white supremacists. People have real concerns; there’s a history there and they deserve to be reassured. Why he can’t just reassure them; would it kill him? He ought to.

    He could also specifically denounce the counter protestors who showed up with helmets and weapons. Maybe because it’s all about him. But if he does say it, they’ll say it was too little too late and they’ll continue to yammer about it anyway until they find something worse to say about him. So he won’t give them the pleasure. Petty.

    Anyway, 99% of Americans think these white supremacists are reprehensible and stupid so it seems like something people should be able to unite about.

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    • You have made some good points here and it certainly wasn’t my intention to stereotype poor/working class white people (hey, I’m one myself!) as most are not like that. I an also understand why many felt disenfranchized or put off by the Democratic Party, which hasn’t really shown much interest in their needs and even seems to look down their nose at them at times. I can see why HRC would be offputting (I did vote for her though) but Obama? I do think he cared about all Americans, but he was hamstrung by a GOP-gerrymandered Congress and Senate and couldn’t get a whole lot done. He also seemed to want to please everyone, which doesn’t work in a country as divided as ours right now. He should have been bolder and pushed for single payer, for example, instead of selling out to corporate interests with a lame compromise like the ACA (even though it sure beat what we had before that, which was nothing).

      But the GOP and Trump sure isn’t the answer to working class people’s woes either. I think Bernie Sanders could have gotten through to them, since he’s a populist himself, but alas, he never got the chance. In fact, he did get through to some of them when he held his own rallies in WV and KY — something Hillary could never do.

      The MSM has an agenda, and it’s retaining its funders, whether it leans to the left or the right. Sadly, in this country, there isn’t a such thing anymore as fair and balanced reporting without bias. To get that, you need to go to the BBC or read foreign papers. NPR, though somewhat left leaning, tries to be somewhat unbiased (even though I hear one of their donors is the Koch Brothers). My son won’t even watch or listen to any mainstream news at all because he thinks it’s all untrustworthy due to it all being corporate-run — he swears by The Young Turks and other web based independent news outlets.

      I do agree with the MSM that Trump should have specifically called out the white supremacists — not because they were there or were protesting (after all, they have the right to freedom of speech too) but because they instigated the violence and someone actually was killed. There is NO excuse for the way they acted.


  5. Thanks for acknowledging my points. Yeah, I’m very confident Bernie would’ve won. Are you kidding me? People actually liked him, how could you not like him? Personally glad he didn’t because I think socialists to that degree always run out of other people’s money, then it gets very ugly. Capitalism is the worst economic system ever except every other one that’s been tried. (IMO) Please understand that the VAST majority of white evangelicals / Christians voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils, which can be hard to judge and the best you can do in situations like this. Don’t hate them. Personally, I think having 17 candidates is what did the Republicans in; he took advantage of that.

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    • I don’t hate them, Jim, but it’s hard to understand them. Capitalism is fine when it’s held in check, the old way, with laws and regulations that protect the people and the environment, higher taxes on the wealthy, and generally not allowed to get out of control the way it has. A little socialism never hurt capitalism. In fact, that’s the way things were from the 1940s – 1970s until all the deregulation and tax cuts started under Reagan. Ironically, it’s the late 1940s – early 1960s — the height of New Deal socialism — that Trump supporters seem to want to return to. Trump promised them that too (“healthcare for everybody”) but did just the opposite with his “healthcare bill.” Cognitive dissonance is hard — I know some of his base is finally falling away, but it’s taking a long time. It’s hard to admit you’ve been sold a lemon instead of the Lamborghini you were promised.

      I don’t think Sanders would have been as socialist as you think. I think he’d push for single payer (Medicare for All) — which every other advanced industrialized country has and generally works for them a lot better than our system works for us. It’s not a new idea either, but seems radical now because of how far to the right we’ve gone. Back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Truman, FDR, JFK, LBJ and I think even Eisenhower all tried to push for single payer. I think Sanders would be a pretty standard old-school democratic capitalist, moving us away from the era of Reagan-style deregulation and tax cuts for the rich and back toward an economy more like what we had in after WW2, which would give people more spending power, therefore bringing back prosperity and more jobs too.


  6. Plus I think both sides have dug in their heels as if there are only two options, two ways of doing things, so everybody just focuses on invalidating the other side and justifying their own, which perpetuates stupidity and avoids the obvious common ground. Personally, I liked Ben Carson and he said something I thought was brilliant which was that the problem is that all the politicians are lawyers, who are simply trained to win, to justify their side and destroy the other, in any manner allowed by the rules. He said we needed more engineers, doctors, and scientists as politicians- people who are trained to solve problems.

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    • Well, I can’t say I’m a big fan of Ben Carson, but he has a point there. Unfortunaely, in this administration, we have people completely untrained and unsuited for the departments/jobs they’re in, and in fact are actively trying to destroy the agencies they are supposed to be promoting and helping (billionaire BetsyDeVos heading the Education Dept, trying to dismantle public education, for example and a climate denier in charge of the EPA or whatever it’s called now) . They don’t deny that’s exactly what they’re trying to do – Steve Bannon has even admitted this. But yes, having professionals and experts in political positions is always a good thing, it’s just that this administration is doing the opposite and hiring unqualified people or people intended to destroy those departments. I also don’t think a CEO like Trump is the ideal person for a political job, especially not for the president. Running a nation like a mob boss or a shady casino owner doesn’t work — and even most CEOs have more ethics than he does.

      I agree both sides need to work together more, but they seem more divided than ever (even among themselves). Some Bernie supporters on the far left REALLY hate Hillary supporters, even more than they hate Trump supporters. And the right seems pretty divided too these days. To some on the far right, any Republican who doesn’t kowtow to Trump is called a RINO.


    • No, I don’t think college should be free for everyone. It never has been and it’s not really an issue. I was talking about supporting and improving K-12 public education instead of dismantling it the way DeVos seems to be trying to do. Also not defunding grants programs that help people be able to afford college. If he people are better educated, they can get better jobs later, and that helps the economy grow. But if she has her way, only the wealthy kids will be able to afford college, and I think that’s exactly the way she wants it. Keep the majority ignorant and poor and they won’t ask questions. I really can’t stand her.


  7. Yeah, we’re screwed. Well at least this was a friendly conversation though we disagree a lot. I gotta go to bed. Have a good night.

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      • You did make good points. Nobody’s listening to the other side in a sincere way, and it’s hard to, because both of the other sides aren’t being very reasonable, just out to villainize the side you lean towards so nobody will concede an inch. Or there’s some fundamental disagreement at a very basic level that I haven’t figured out yet.

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  8. They’re twisting the Bible to use for their own ends. I’m sure that God hates this. Its preaching false doctrine in fact. Plus they’ve been violent & very disrespectful, not to mention disgusting. They’re flaunting evil at some of its worst. I wish they could all have been locked up. I’m glad the Governor of Kentucky took quick action to remove an icon that many people feel is racist, before problems arise & escalate.
    I am a southerner & love & respect where I am from, & I understand a lot more about the south than a lot of people do. I know that many people are not prejudiced against anyone; many southerners are kind & considerate. Even those who I’ve known there are prejudiced (mainly because of ignorance in the way they were brought up), would not even think of engaging themselves in such horrid behavior as these disgusting individuals just did in Charlottesville, VA. I just cannot believe it. It’d just stupidity & flat out ignorance, arrogance, narcissism, & really petty when it comes down to it.
    From what I observed online, & that was plenty enough believe me, they acted like a bunch of evil crabby miserable unhappy old women. I was truly shocked! Most elderly people I know are nothing like that. They are lovely people. I knew a few in my life though that are just caustic & obnoxious & that’s the way they chose to be. They’re like animals that went rabid. 😫😡
    Even though, when animals contract rabies its not their fault & they’ve got no choice in the matter. That’s why we need to vaccinate our animal companions.
    I totally agree with lucky otter in this. And she posted Scripture to prove statements that she made concerning the negative hateful racist attitude of those mongrel acting idiots. They’re trying to take over our country I think but they won’t get too far. As far as their calling themselves right wing, their actions closely depict communism & genocide. Those are extreme leftist attitudes, & some GOP refer to democrats as “extreme leftists”. I think NOT!!
    Yes our nation is involved in a twisted mess but one way to fight it is to pray fervently to our Creator. Another way is for governors, mayors, school officials, police, etc not to put up with the type of violent nonsense that these rioters incited in Charlottesville. In fact the person driving the car that killed someone by ramming into that crowd was from Ohio. Not even from the south. From what I heard, a lot of the protesters came from other places. For Pete sake!! Don’t they have jobs &/or families?! Just to protest a statue that is being removed from the university grounds because a lot of people see it as being racist. So what! A statue is being moved. Deal with it!!!Geez!!!🙄😑😒😠

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    • I’m sorry about this, but I just had to add these moronic individuals acted like big babies really. That aren’t getting their wittle way!!!Perhaps our president is not setting the best example either.

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    • I do like what I’m hearing from local officials in Virginia, higher-up politicians, including many Republicans, who are now distancing themselves from Trump and calling him out on his failure to call out the supremacists yesterday. That proves to me that most people — even politicians — still have a moral backbone and realize the danger with this president.

      I agree there’s a lot of negative stereotyping of people from the south and most of us (I live in NC!) are not like that at all! (although I am originally from the northeast). There’s just a larger percentage of those who hold racist and ultra conservative attitudes. Even among conservatives, the vast majority are very kind and caring people. And not all support Trump either. In my area (I live in a blue city) you see a lot more Bernie and Hillary bumper stickers than you see Trump stickers.

      I feel so badly for the mother of the victim, Heather Heyer, who told HuffPost she wants her daughter’s death to mean something and maybe it even serve as a wake up call to all of us. She said Heather always cared about people and was always involved in social justice and civil rights causes. She sounds like an empath to me, and her death is really a tragedy. I hope her killer is punished to the fullest extent of the law and her death is not just blown off, the way I suspect it might be by Trump and others on the far right. His “condolences” tweet was a joke. He sounded about as sorry and empathetic as if someone’s pet turtle died, not a human being.

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      • I totally agree with you. I appreciate your sincere empathy towards southerners too. Yes there are still some with let’s say negative attitudes. I’ve known some as I said in my earlier post. But they’d never concede or lower themselves to committing acts of atrocities like those vile mongrels did in Charlottesville. They’d not even approve of it whatsoever. And surely no one else would either. And over a statue??!! Come on, how stupid can some people get!!!
        I am so sorry for the victim also. There is no excuse in what happened. Its heartbreaking & quite frankly the only reason I can come up with, is that the imbecile who rammed his veh into that poor crowd of folks must be either insane or extremely mentally something, or a flat out psychopath. He really deserves to be punished for that. Watch him try to get out of it. Too many people saw it though & hopefully some saw him right before he committed this horrid crime. So maybe it can be proved he did it on purpose!!

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        • About the statue — frankly, I saw no good reason to take it down in the first place. I’m not pro-Confederate or anything, but the statue had been there for decades and *is* a part of the history of our nation, and not all our history was positive. If the statue had been left in place, maybe none of this would have happened (although I doubt it would have done anything about the hatred of the alt-right and there would have been other rallies).


          • Yes. I agree with that. The fact that it was on university grounds probably made the administration fear that trouble might arise at their school. It did. And not students participating in it either. It could escalate even worse unfortunately & students & faculty could be hurt. Yes it is very unfortunate that we all no have to almost walk on tippy toes because of some violent a-holes. The whole thing really stinks. Really they are succeeding in making a lot of people, white, black, Hispanic etc. afraid. Where I live a certain nationality displays their flag & colors in many places & nobody has displayed problems with it. As long as they dont use it to create negative harmful situations for people. The ones that do that are typically gang members.

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            • Well said. Removing a statue or not allowing a certain nationality to display their flag (because someone might be offended) is an example of why people can’t stand political correctness. Of course, the problem is much deeper than a statue or a flag, but they are symbols and people take them seriously.


  9. No. Not a rekindling of the civil war.

    This is much older, and far stronger.

    This ***is*** Sodom and Gomorrah in its purist sense. This is the tower of Babel. This is ‘babylon the great, the prostitute who sits on many waters’.

    This is L’amerika – the haven of Brimstone, the land of witches.

    It will be judged – weighed in the balance, and found wanting. Its condemnation is sure.

    I wish I could be as sure about ‘a remnant will remain’. We might be worse than ancient Israel in the time of Ahab!

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