What one million looks like.

It’s a huge number.  Here’s a picture of a million dots.  Can you find the one red one?  I couldn’t, but it’s there.  Somewhere.   Let me know if you found it.



This picture is taken from this article, on one one of my new favorite blogs, WaitbutWhy.  I love the way this blogger, a geek like me, thinks about everything.

What the F is this?

Any ideas?



Most people still think of this when they hear the word “narc.”



2015 is already half over!


Time really does seem to fly by faster the older you get. It seems like this year just started but according to my WordPress clock (it’s 4 hours off and I don’t know how to fix it) it’s already July 1, which means we are six months into 2015. In six more months it will be 2016. Where did a whole half a year go?

Demon Mop Lady.

She looks pretty psychopathic to me. At best, a malignant narcissist who has just been denied her daily helping of Narcissistic Supply.