What one million looks like.

It’s a huge number.  Here’s a picture of a million dots.  Can you find the one red one?  I couldn’t, but it’s there.  Somewhere.   Let me know if you found it.



This picture is taken from this article, on one one of my new favorite blogs, WaitbutWhy.  I love the way this blogger, a geek like me, thinks about everything.

How Do You Know if Someone is a Narcissist or Not?

It was serendipitous I happened on this article this morning because it was exactly what I needed to read to deal with an issue I’m struggling with. I thought I’d pay it forward. 🙂

An Upturned Soul

Someone recently asked me to assist them with a problem.

They were concerned that a person they knew might be a narcissist, however they were also concerned that perhaps they were the one being narcissistic, and that their narcissism was seeing this person as a narcissist.

They had one of those moments of wondering if perhaps they were the narcissist.

How could they know if they were the narcissist or if this other person was the narcissist?

This is a brain teaser along the lines of this:


The Window Cleaner problemproblem (and the answer) via PFC


Am I the narcissist or are you the narcissist? – can you look something like this up and get the answer to it?

Yes, you can, especially online with so many people weighing in on it – but is it the right answer?


In this kind of scenario right and wrong depend more on…

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