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Monday Melody: Careless Whisper (George Michael)

Since George Michael died today (f*ck you, 2016!) I thought I’d use one of his songs for this week’s Monday Melody.  Careless Whisper (released in 1984) is probably my favorite George Michael tune.   Now it’s touched with sadness for … Continue reading

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Music was my refuge…

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RIP Leonard Cohen, 1934 – 2016

Leonard Cohen died yesterday at the age of 82.   I’ve been so upset about Trump’s election that this sad news barely registered, but Cohen deserves to be honored and remembered for his songwriting talent and his wonderful music. 2016 … Continue reading

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The power of music.

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NarCissistic Mary: Psychopathic Stalker Girl (new song!)

Great news! My friend Mary, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, who started her rock band NarCissistic Mary after breaking free, has a brand new song, Psychopathic Stalker Girl! Please listen and share. Their song It’s In Your Head was previously … Continue reading

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Start the New Year with a (genuine) smile.

I’ve always railed against the fake kind of happiness whose intent is to diminish, belittle, and avoid responsibility or compassion, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little authentic positivity. When you really think about it, there are always things … Continue reading

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NarCissistic Mary: It’s In Your Head

My friend Mary’s ’90s-style hard rocker, “It’s In Your Head,” a song about narcissistic abuse, is now up on Youtube! (I posted the soundcloud version a few weeks back). Please listen! She and her band are great. More new music … Continue reading

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Song about narcissistic abuse: It’s In Your Head (introspectrum)

My friend who is in recovery from narcissistic abuse has started an indie rock band and has a great new song about her experience. Here is what she has to say: Hello everyone!! I put a band together as a … Continue reading

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The subway musician.

The following story intrigued me and I think there’s a lesson here about appreciation that gets lost as we grow older. Small children are fascinated by everything, but that fascination soon becomes indifference or even boredom as the cares of … Continue reading

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“Fragile Heart”

A friend sent me this video. Have the tissues ready. 😥 Lyrics: There’s no place for a sensitive soul In a space where your ego freely roams And you’re a little bit narcissistic And I’m a little too understanding, sadly … Continue reading

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