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Stressed Out (Twenty-One Pilots): iconic anthem of the Millennials.

Rock and pop music in recent decades (since the 1960s) have always had iconic songs and music styles that define the angst and existential concerns of generations that were coming of age when those songs and music styles were popular. … Continue reading

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Weekend Melody: First (Cold War Kids)

I know it’s only Sunday, but this song was on my mind and I didn’t want to forget, so I’m posting this early.  I thought I’d forget about it by Monday, so I had to call this a “weekend melody” … Continue reading

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This is terrifyingly (and hilariously) accurate!

Following is a mindblowing video showing how six recent bro-country hits ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME. In addition, the lyrics almost always involve a scantily dressed country girl (always named “Girl” and always dressed in cutoff jeans, daisy dukes, or … Continue reading

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“Also a Fox” reviews the 12 Best Songs of 2014 on Radio Recall

On December 30, I posted my son’s review of the 12 Worst Songs of 2014 on his channel, Radio Recall. Those songs were truly awful. Here are his 12 Best Songs of 2014. Enjoy!

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How is this band still unsigned?

This song, released by the brother-sister duo Galt Aureus on their album “Citadels” (2009) is hauntingly beautiful. I can’t believe they’re still unsigned by any label. Enjoy! Our Own Versailles Lyrics If floods will come all our lives, just climb … Continue reading

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12 more songs about narcissism

Narcissism is a hot topic, and popular music is no exception, especially since so many songs are about relationships gone bad and breakups with narcissistic lovers. Whenever possible, I tried to include lyric videos. 1. Christina Aguilera: Vanity Speaks for … Continue reading

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The song that helped me cope after going No Contact

Something about this hit song from 2013 and early 2014 just makes me feel so good. It give off a lot of positive energy for me. Right after I went No Contact with my MN ex in February, my son … Continue reading

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“Ten Feet Tall”

I’m not too huge a fan of most current pop music and EDM, but occasionally I hear a song I really like. Having kids in their early 20s does keep me up on current music. I really liked what I … Continue reading

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Bro-country is where pop-rock went.

Something strange happened to music at the dawn of the second decade of this century. The sort of pop-rock “alternative” music that had been wildly popular on Top 40 radio since the late 1990s suddenly disappeared from the airwaves, to … Continue reading

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