NarCissistic Mary: Psychopathic Stalker Girl (new song!)

Great news! My friend Mary, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, who started her rock band NarCissistic Mary after breaking free, has a brand new song, Psychopathic Stalker Girl!

Please listen and share.

Their song It’s In Your Head was previously featured on this blog.
Mary writes all her own music and lyrics.

6 thoughts on “NarCissistic Mary: Psychopathic Stalker Girl (new song!)

  1. I’m making the first comment on this one lucky. The next song release is called, “The Devil’s Son”. It’s a metal song and it rocks out. The lead guitar is going to knock your socks off. But I won’t be releasing it until sometime in the end of February.

    I reblogged this article because not many people saw it.

    For anyone who reads this: Please feel free to share my YouTube’s on your Facebook…and spread the muse around the world
    🎀🎡🎹🎼🎢🎼🎸Soon to be shared, ” The Devil’s Son” 😈😈😈

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