My “dark night of the soul.”

Although this post is more related to people who have NPD or BPD, I think it belongs here too because transformative experiences like this can happen to anyone when healing from any mental disorder begins to make itself felt.

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I haven’t talked about this before, because it made me feel way too naked and vulnerable, but I am trying to heal myself of BPD using reparenting therapy techniques on myself.

I wrote an article last week about what this experience has been like (I’ve only been at it about a month). I would like those who have an honest interest in reparenting, self-reparenting, or using it for healing various disorders (Cluster B, most other personality disorders, and C-PTSD) using this form of therapy, or close friends who know me well to be able to read it. So I have made the article password protected. My understanding is that you need to actually know the password I created, not just your own WordPress password (if you have an account).  So if you want to read this article, which is of a deeply personal nature, please email me (see “Stalk Me” in the header) and tell me something about yourself and why you want to read it  (if I don’t already know you).

Then I’ll email you the password and link to the article.

Protected: Embracing vulnerability: reparenting myself.

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