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Trump’s personality disorder brings out the worst in everyone.

I think it’s pretty safe to say Donald Trump has a very malignant case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and appears to fit all of its psychiatric criteria.    Unfortunately, he’s only the tip of the iceberg, merely a symptom of … Continue reading

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The Frightening Close Relationship between Christian Nationalism and President Donald J. Trump

Originally posted on Flee from Christian Fundamentalism:
Why do so many American Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals support Donald J. Trump and his Presidency—even though the man shows few signs of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and shows numerous…

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Your Narcissistic Mother has been Elected President: Resist with Joy

Originally posted on A Word, Please. . .:
It’s as if your narcissistic mother has been elected president. Your version of reality is wrong. History’s version of reality is wrong. Science’s version of reality is wrong. Facts are infuriating. The whole world…

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I feel sick.

I started watching part of the inauguration, and couldn’t continue.   Trump as POTUS?  The reality of it makes me feel literally ill.   I just can’t stand to watch.    I think  many Americans feel the same way right now. … Continue reading

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