“How to Spot a Collapsed Narcissist”


The following is is a very interesting article I found on a site called  Flying Monkeys Denied, that explains how to identify a narcissist who has “collapsed” –in other words, a narcissist who has been denied adequate supply (leading to narcissistic injury), perhaps by having failed to meet his or her goals or obtain the admiration they thought was their due.    He (or she) will spiral into “pit bull” attack mode in their last ditch efforts to force others to provide them with supply.   They become hypersensitive, hateful, rage filled, tantrum throwing, angry, snappish, intolerant, and sometimes even violent.   Any pretense of niceness or charm they might have formerly displayed when things were going better for them disappears and the rage just underneath the mask of pleasantness comes out full throttle.

They still cannot accept any blame or criticism of themselves.    They project their self hatred onto the “targets” they have selected (people of another race, religion, ethnic group, gender, or people with a non-traditional lifestyle).  It’s as this level the narcissist displays bigotry and small-mindedness.   It’s at this level you see xenophobia and intolerance toward viewpoints outside their narrow worldview.   It’s at this level the collapsed narcissist may batter his wife or girlfriend so badly she winds up hospitalized or dead.

Archie Bunker in the ’70s hit TV show, “All in the Family” was a narcissist who was painfully aware he was at or very near the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder.   Fearing he’d sink to the even “lower level” of the minorities and various ethnic groups he looked down on with so much contempt, Archie hung onto that one thin thread of hope: his whiteness, his conservative values, and his blue-collarness.

There’s another narcissist in the public eye right now, similar to Archie Bunker in many ways (only with a lot more money),  who is running for president.  This narcissist also displays all the signs of having collapsed or being in the process of collapsing, perhaps due to the pressure of running for the highest office you can obtain but deep down knowing he really isn’t qualified, so he attacks those who question  his competence or criticize his agenda.   His bigotry, sexism and racism ensures that should he fail (lose the election, win the election but become the most hated president ever) he will still be “above” these other groups who he has deemed are beneath him.

The next stage in the narcissistic collapse (if getting supply through aggression, threats and intimidation fails) would be a descent into depression, suicide, or even psychosis (when a narcissist reaches this point of having hit rock bottom, they may become so desperate  as to voluntarily enter therapy, and this is when inroads into their psyche are most likely to be made).   Such a massive blow to the narcissistic ego could also result in complete loss of control  called “going postal.”   It is this possibility I think many of us sense in The Donald that makes his possible presidency so terrifying.    Should he collapse that far, he could start a nuclear war or turn America into a police state or order the extermination or deportation of all the groups of people he dislikes.  Gay people, people of color (particularly Muslim-Americans),  even women are at risk should that happen.

My apologies for applying Godwin’s Law,  but I believe this is how Hitler went from winning an election as a smooth talking populist who promised to “make Germany great again,” to the monster who became responsible for the extermination of 6 million Jews and other groups he disliked.   I could see this happening with Donald Trump all too easily.    There aren’t enough checks and balances any more to keep him at bay should he decide to unleash his narcissistic fury.   This is one angry and disordered man who is coming undone on national TV and I wouldn’t put anything past him.

I didn’t intend for this intro to be so long.   Here is the article I’m linking to:



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  1. I haven’t read the article yet, but wanted to comment on your intro real quick.
    I agree with you on Trump, but the one thing he has going against him is that he’s not a smooth talker. (imo)…

    He is clumsy in his responses and he is defensive. He comes up with the most ridiculous answers to questions that people ask.

    Did you see where a muslim woman asked him about what he’d do about islamaphobia? Not a smooth talker at all.

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    • No, Trump is definitely not a smooth talker but he has a populist style that appeals to some people. People mistake his offensiveness and rudeness for rejecting “political correctness.” I’m not a big fan of political correctness (it’s gone too far) but a line must be drawn between respect and rudeness. Trump is just rude af.

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  2. Hm…I’m not sure that’s quite how Hitler ended up, well, Hitler. I’ve been researching pre-Hitler Germany and he was basically the charismatic, hypnotic, fanatical mouthpiece of a whole party of fanatical people with repugnant views who believed themselves superior to all other races….Sometimes he even had to keep the others in check, such as some Nazis who hated Catholicism/Christianity and wanted to turn the country pagan.

    Hatred of Jews went back a long ways, and nationalism was very strong, along with resentment at the Versailles Treaty and fear of Bolshevism. The old arguments against immigrants (Poles looking for farm labor) on the northern border of Germany, sound disturbingly familiar. A little pageantry and hypnotism and indoctrination, and you can make people do your bidding. The Nazis engaged in a lot of bait-and-switching to get themselves elected, and their hypnotism of the people was deliberate.

    But the conservative Junkers thought they could control Hitler, keep him under their thumb as they used his popularity to help achieve their mutual ends. Then they wanted to get the monarchy back and their old privileges. But the Nazis swiftly wrenched control from them and turned the state totalitarian.

    So I watch how the Republican Party has responded to Trump, and wonder if they, too, think they can control him if he gets elected. It seems a little familiar….But our country has so many checks and balances that I hope he would not be able to do too much damage, even if he does go off the deep end. This is not the political chaos of Weimar Germany.

    Though, of course, I do fear him getting the nuclear codes…..

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