Your Narcissistic Mother has been Elected President: Resist with Joy

Food for thought during these dark times.
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A Word, Please. . .

It’s as if your narcissistic mother has been elected president. Your version of reality is wrong. History’s version of reality is wrong. Science’s version of reality is wrong. Facts are infuriating. The whole world is being gaslighted. The National Park Service is the black sheep in the family.

“I’m a really very intelligent person.” Credit where credit is due, Mr. President—that’s my mother’s line, often spoken when I challenged her alternate reality.  She also told me, “You’re too sensitive” or “You have a very vivid imagination”, “precious snowflake” in the current political parlance.

Triggered, anyone? To go “No Contact” from society would be socially irresponsible. How do we protect our joy?

I awoke yesterday to my house creaking and shuddering in the wind. My first thought of the day:

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