Happy World Otter Day!



Happy World Otter Day.

It’s my day — World Otter Day!


Otters of the World!

Otters are my second favorite animal.  There are many different types of otters–here are some of them. I think the drawings are adorable.    I hope you can read the captions–I couldn’t make the chart any larger.


Happy otter

I love watching otter videos (hence my name). You can’t watch one without smiling. This one (an Asian small clawed otter named Oscar) is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen.

Tragically, this pet otter (the owner lives in Bali, where it’s legal to keep them as pets) was deliberately poisoned by a neighbor shortly after this video was made. I just can’t understand how some people can be so cruel to a helpless animal.

It looks like Oscar had a good life though.

I love the song too.

He’s going to otter space.



Little ott

You can’t help smiling when you see this little face. I guess it’s no surprise otters are my favorite animal after cats.