Otters of the World!

Otters are my second favorite animal.  There are many different types of otters–here are some of them. I think the drawings are adorable.    I hope you can read the captions–I couldn’t make the chart any larger.


7 thoughts on “Otters of the World!

          • I wish I could have a cat. I was always a cat person, from the time I was a little girl, until I married my husband in 2004. He loves cats, too, and cats love him. But he is so allergic, his eyes swell shut within minutes of exposure just to cat dander!

            So we have dogs. First we rescued a wonderful old Otterhound named Farley, then we got our rescued Red Heeler Australian Cattle Dog, Lady. Now our fur baby is a rescued small standard peaches and cream poodle we call Scrappy.

            Dogs have grown on me. 🙂

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            • Well, dogs are pretty awesome too, and of course more interactive than cats. I’m sorry you can’t have a cat due to your husband’s allergies but they do sound pretty bad! What is it in cat fur that makes so many people allergic I wonder? Dogs don’t seem to cause as many allergies.

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