Word of the week: mammothrept.


I decided to bring back my Word of the Week series. Here’s an obsolete one that’s especially appropriate for Christmas, because according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it literally means “spoiled child.” That’s the kid that will get a bag of coal from Santa!

Origin and Etymology of mammothrept:
Greek mammothreptos child brought up by his grandmother, from mammē mother, grandmother + -o- + threptos, verbal of trephein to bring up, nourish


Try using that one in a sentence!

Word of the week: Calumniate.


A big thank you to Linda Lee for suggesting this word.

Word of the week: Doryphore

Doryphores seem to be everywhere.  I hope I’m not one!


Word of the week: Callipygian

I challenge you to try to use this one in conversation!  😉



Word of the week: Perspicacious

If you like “hundred dollar words,” then perspicacious definitely fits that category.   I have a better than average working vocabulary, but I have to admit I had to look this one up to learn its definition.

When my therapist used it in our session this week (referring to me!), I felt like a big dummy because I had no idea what it meant.  I asked him for a pen so I could write the word down to remind myself to use it as this week’s featured word.   I was surprised that I actually spelled it correctly.   It’s a good word to use in conversation if you want to sound either really pretentious or really smart perspicacious.