Word of the week: mammothrept.


I decided to bring back my Word of the Week series. Here’s an obsolete one that’s especially appropriate for Christmas, because according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it literally means “spoiled child.” That’s the kid that will get a bag of coal from Santa!

Origin and Etymology of mammothrept:
Greek mammothreptos child brought up by his grandmother, from mammē mother, grandmother + -o- + threptos, verbal of trephein to bring up, nourish


Try using that one in a sentence!


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8 Responses to Word of the week: mammothrept.

  1. nowve666 says:

    Since “Santa” is really the parents, the same parents who spoiled her will give her a nice present. Love the picture.

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  2. You forgot to put Trump’s photo up! LOL!

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  3. Wolfgirl says:

    I will now be calling people mammothrepts. Thanks for that one!

    The fact that it comes from “brought up by his grandmother” really makes me laugh.

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