March sunset.

I was driving home from my therapy session tonight and saw the most spectacular sunset behind the rain clouds. I couldn’t pull over but got a picture anyway (I do NOT recommend doing this while driving!)

Moments later, the rain cleared, and I was able to get a shot of the pink undersides of the clouds, before it disappeared (I pulled over to take the second one).



Rain check for “The progression of spring” series.

I have been posting a new set of photos in my weekly series “The Progression of Spring” every Sunday since March 8th, but today has been pouring rain all day, and it’s foggy so I’m going to have to delay the next installment until tomorrow or whenever the weather improves. Monsoon season has started. Sorry, guys! Here’s one photo for ya.


I’d say in about another 2-3 weeks I’ll be ending this series because once everything looks like summer, I’m done with this project. Every day is looking greener than the last. Spring is in full swing!

ETA: I looked up the weather forecast for this week. The first nice day looks to be Tuesday, after that, who knows? We’re in monsoon season–mid-late April and early May is our rainy season.

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