Narcissists are rude to servicepeople.

An older post about a common narcissistic red flag that is rarely mentioned.

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I want to talk about a little-mentioned red flag, but one of the easiest ones to spot early in a relationship. Most narcissists are rude to servicepeople and others they see as beneath them. My ex was notoriously rude to servicepeople, always screaming at customer service people, even if the problem wasn’t their fault. He was also rude to wait staff in restaurants, to the point it was embarrassing going out to dinner with him. He was unreasonably demanding, condescending, and treated wait staff as if they were mentally deficient. With attractive female wait staff, his rudeness was of a sexual character–he openly flirted with young waitresses, even though I was watching. I think he did this because he knew it would bother me.  He also did it because he knew his target was a sitting duck and might be fired or reprimanded if she objected to the flirtatious behavior…

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Rude, entitled jerk.

First, a little background so the following screenshot makes sense. My son is part of an online community that buys and sells art to other members.  In this community, there’s a certain etiquette expected when you buy art from another member.  If you have a webpage, you are expected to link to the seller’s webpage who sold you the art.  It’s considered common courtesy and no one asks any questions.  It’s just done.

The individual who wrote this rant had bought art from another member and is ranting about why he/she is refusing to link to the artist’s site. The artist’s signature is also edited out, so the artist never gets any credit.   This individual is clearly an entitled, rude jerk.   I don’t know if this person is a narcissist , since  an isolated instance of rude, entitled behavior isn’t enough of a marker if other symptoms aren’t also present (they may just be an everyday asshole), but it certainly seems likely.  The last paragraph seems to be a projection of the jerk’s own sense of entitlement onto the artists whose work he or she has defaced.