Rude, entitled jerk.

First, a little background so the following screenshot makes sense. My son is part of an online community that buys and sells art to other members.  In this community, there’s a certain etiquette expected when you buy art from another member.  If you have a webpage, you are expected to link to the seller’s webpage who sold you the art.  It’s considered common courtesy and no one asks any questions.  It’s just done.

The individual who wrote this rant had bought art from another member and is ranting about why he/she is refusing to link to the artist’s site. The artist’s signature is also edited out, so the artist never gets any credit.   This individual is clearly an entitled, rude jerk.   I don’t know if this person is a narcissist , since  an isolated instance of rude, entitled behavior isn’t enough of a marker if other symptoms aren’t also present (they may just be an everyday asshole), but it certainly seems likely.  The last paragraph seems to be a projection of the jerk’s own sense of entitlement onto the artists whose work he or she has defaced.



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      • He is i believe breaching copyright law on various levels, buying a piece of art does not award you the copyright, its the whole reason the signature is placed on pieces to authenticate the work, if you are modifying it and selling it a not acknowledging copyright LAW. yOU ARE AN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THIEF , a criminal.
        Its a matter for trading bodies , the police and anyone who will listen,,,the law is there to protect peoples rights, this guy? is flaunting them flagrantly isrespectfully and i believe in breach of significant legal precedent regarding the difference between physical and copyright ownership of what represents “master copies” of works , he is modifying them and not even acknoledging creative credit as the artist obviously intended by signing their work and therefore ensuring at least accreditation to themselves for THEIR work.
        This guy is going to get so screwed over the moment any even incompetent lawyer spots what he is up to…

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  1. that’s crazy! I lost my online business (as many tens of thousands did) due to eBay’s newer “feedback ” system… I know its not exactly related to this.. but I saw quickly how nasty people could literally RUIN a person’s livelihood over truly petty things… I had some narc customers for sure.
    just out to ruin people’s lives.
    but this person whoa, he went above and beyond to show what he thinks of that unspoken courtesy/rule/respect.. people sell online, its a big deal to them.. its their livelihood or important attempt at one,,
    wow he “paid” for art then says “I don’t remember” (he LIES) about the artist!?
    art is not like that.. he buys art but has no understanding OF art!
    people don’t even LIKE people who say “oh I forgot the artist”

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  2. That person’s life must be horrible to be like that. No anger…only sympathy for that pathetic and weak response.

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  3. WHAT AN ASSHOLE! He never even explains why he didn’t want to acknowledge the artist. If the art was good enough to be on his site, why distance himself from its creator?

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  4. Ugh. As an artist I agree, it is so frustrating when people reshare art without an acknowledgement. The hours of creative production, art supplies, etc don’t come free. Something as simple as a link back to the artist’s site or a reference to the artist’s name, at the very least, is going to be easier to write than a jerk rant from someone who seems to think there’s a victory in controlling an artist’s potential audience.

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