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What if we really are living in The Matrix and are just extras trapped in a terrible TV show from the future?

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” ―Morpheus, to Neo, in The Matrix. I read an article this morning that was probably meant to be dark humor but is … Continue reading

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Where I stand on “positive thinking.”

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
Positive thinking taken to extremes is deluded thinking. I’ve seen several blog posts about the problem of forced positive thinking lately, and since this is an issue that has concerned me for a long…

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The weirdness of my dreams.

I’ve been doing a lot of Google searches about dreams to find out if anyone else knows what I’m talking about, but I haven’t seen anyone else describe this exact same thing, which makes me wonder if it’s just me, … Continue reading

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Question #51: What if limerence is NOT a delusion?

This was a question I thought of after posting my list of 50 things I ponder about, but I want to explore this further because I’ve never heard anyone else ask this same question. Limerence is a term coined by … Continue reading

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