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The Current Political Situation (reblogged from Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole)

I’m sure my friend Nyssa from the Hobbit Hole won’t mind me reblogging this post she wrote today.    I think politics is dominating many of our minds these days, especially  for those of us who are survivors of abusive families … Continue reading

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Maybe Trump’s election is the BEST thing that could have happened!

I know what you’re probably thinking.  You probably think I must have finally snapped.  That I’ve given into Stockholm Syndrome and now identify with the enemy.   You’re  maybe even thinking about hitting the “backspace” key,  writing me off as … Continue reading

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I’m stuck and scared.

The election happened 3 days ago, and I can’t move on from the shock and grief.  I’ve never reacted like this to any election of a new president. I had no idea I’d react this badly.  I really didn’t think … Continue reading

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