It’s a cat-tastrophe!

My daughter posted this on her Facebook today. That’s her kitten Zelda up there at the top of the tree. Maybe she thinks she’s an angel. NOT! Click to enlarge.


My minimalist fiber optic Christmas tree


This year I went minimalist. With no family in my state besides my daughter, and plans to spend Christmas with her at boyfriend Paul’s much bigger house (with its more spacious and modern kitchen, where I will be making my traditional Christmas spinach/meat lasagna), there was no reason to drag out the 6 foot tree that requires assembly and all the boxes of ornaments out of the back of the hall closet.

So I bought this little 24-inch gold-tinsel fiber optic tree at the dollar store. It set me back only $15.00. I don’t have to deal with untangling strings of lights or or rigging the tree up since it just screws into its little gold stand, which I wrapped with a red and white tablecloth to cover the base and make it look less like a tacky dollar store tree. No need to decorate it–its fiber optic lights change colors and an old mirror propped behind it on a small table give it the appearance of looking bigger than it really is. Only a few gifts will be given at my home–and the small space around the tree will fit them perfectly.

I kind of like this tree. It reminds me of one of those sparkly tinsel trees that used to be popular in the 1960s. It’s very retro and cute.