Lucky Otter’s Haven is growing up!

Graph showing how this blog has grown since October 2014 (September 2014 is not available but was even lower than October). I remember thinking 50 views a day was a big deal (that’s about where “Down The Rabbit Hole” is at right now, but I don’t ever expect that blog to ever have the same draw as LOH, because it has a much narrower focus than this one and a much more limited audience.)

The abnormally high views for May were due to a controversial article that attracted an undue amount of negative attention. Controversial articles do get you seen! (But I hate having haters).

The numbers at the bottom are for September 2015, highlighted in orange on the graph.
Click image to enlarge.

I’ve been reluctant to post the good news about my stats, because it might make me seem too narcissistic, but hell, I’m proud of this, and I want to brag! I think anyone would want to crow a little.

This month, I probably won’t quite reach 40K views, but it will be close enough.
This blog now averages well over 1,000 views a day and is creeping up into the neighborhood of 1200-1300 per day in the past few weeks.

I can actually afford to get a bit lazy sometimes now. I’ve reached the point, after a little over a year of blogging, where I need not even post new stuff every day for LOH to continue to get hits and new viewers. That’s because a few of my articles have become self-perpetuating magnets to this blog. In other words, several articles (some posted quite a long time ago–many of them are listed under “Most Popular Posts” in the sidebar) are now appearing at the top of Google for related search terms, so whenever people use those search terms in Google my articles are the first ones they see. The continued views keep them at the top of Google so they continue to get hits every day.
That’s why using appropriate search terms (tags, categories, and making sure the term is somewhere in your title) is so important. I’m learning all this stuff as I go along.

This is good, because it’s a motivator, and those of you who follow LOH know I haven’t been feeling particularly motivated lately. So this helps!

Now I can set some goals. WP’s November challenge (Nano Poblano or whatever it was called last year) is looming on the horizon and that will motivate me to post every day, the way I have been until recently. It’s my hope that by the end of this year (where did this year GO, anyway???), LOH will be getting 50K or more views per month.

It also is great that the views/viewer ratio is about 2:1. That means that for the 32.4K views I have for September so far, there have only been 16K viewers, which means viewers are looking at more than the one article they found by searching on Google (and other search engines). They are finding reason to stick around and look at other things too.

This kind of made my day. 😀

642 views?! It’s my second best day since Christmas!

Some of you may remember, on Christmas Day (which is normally a slow day for blog activity), I got an amazing Christmas gift I could never have imagined–862 views, by far my best day ever. I remember feeling like I just won the North Carolina Education Lottery. Or that George Clooney or Robert Downey Jr. just kissed my neck.

Okay, most of that activity was due to a certain narcissistic writer sharing spamming an article I wrote called “Narcissism is a Family Disease” on Facebook, his own forums and groups on Yahoo and Google, and other social media. It was a good article and remains one of my most popular to date. The brilliant narcissistic writer liked it because there was a lot of stuff in there about him. After all, he was the reason for me writing it. It’s still a good article, I think.

Graph showing views and visitors over the past week or so, with 642 views today (318 visitors)

But this post isn’t about that article. That was just about my Best Day Ever. I have never again been able to quite beat that record, but that’s okay. That boost was an artificial one helped along by the famous narcissistic writer, and now I’m on my own. It takes time. As a blogger, you have to be patient.

Overall though, my views have been on the increase. Growth has been pretty steady–it levels out here and there, then shoots back up again, then plateaus for awhile.

I normally average about 500 views a day now, sometimes more, sometimes less. Prior to December 25th with its whopping 862 views, 500 views would have been a fluke. Not anymore.

Today (well, really yesterday, according to the clock on my WP–I never could figure out how to reset it with the correct time), I got 642 views (318 visitors, which averages to about 2 views per visitor), and that’s my best since Christmas Day.

Most popular “article” for 3/10/15–my own homepage/archives.

It’s odd, because by far the largest percentage of views wasn’t for a particular article, but for my “Homepage/Archive.” My most popular article of the day was 49 views for last night’s literary piece “My Final Words About This.” But still not even close to 121 views for my homepage.
That can tell me only one thing–that people are specifically Googling this blog.

This time, the unprecedented stats spike has nothing to do with a brilliant narcissistic writer’s help (which to be fair, was a big part of this blog’s early growth). Now I’m doing this on my own, and that feels fantastic.