A Christmas gift to my therapist.

Dragonfly suncatcher.

I’ve had only four sessions so far with my therapist, but I already feel there is trust building between us. I don’t normally feel comfortable talking about my problems with people I don’t know well but his gentle and quiet (but humorous) manner puts me completely at ease and he also appears to have a high level of empathy. I’ve made a few amazing discoveries about myself in this short time and wanted to give him a special Christmas present to show how much it means, so I made this dragonfly suncatcher today. Dragonflies symbolize change and freedom, and this pendant from Michael’s was just gorgeous.

Also, just from observing the way he has his office decorated (he’s into artsy-craftsy stuff), this looks like the sort of thing that would fit in with his decor.

suncatcher_dragonfly2 suncatcher_dragonfly3
Two closeup views.
The colors are much more brilliant than the photographs show. Those are little mirrors strung between the bits of glass, and that seemed appropriate too.

Dolphin suncatcher I’m making for a friend

As a hobby and for a little extra income, I make suncatchers made from small mirrors, pieces of beveled glass, stones, and other small shiny objects. Each one features a pendant of some kind that will catch or reflect light in some way, from larger mirrors or stained glass to semiprecious gemstones to bejeweled butterflies, dragonflies, crosses, old fashioned cameos, whatever.

I haven’t put these up on Etsy but probably I should. Right now I mostly give them away as gifts, decorate my windows with them (or hang them on the porch in the summer), but sometimes I get a special order, like this dolphin suncatcher my upstairs neighbor requested for his sister, who lives in Florida and collects dolphins (not real ones!)

The entire suncatcher (the light available doesn’t do it justice–sorry).

Closer detail.

This is the first suncatcher I’ve made in over 6 months. It’s not QUITE finished yet–the fishing line has not yet been trimmed, so it still looks a bit sloppy. But when it’s hanging in a sunny window or alongside a porch where it can catch the sun’s rays, it will look lovely and send prisms of color and light everywhere. Sometime I’ll post photos of some of the others I have made. No two are alike.

If anyone would like to purchase a suncatcher as a gift or for yourself, you can send me an email (under Contact Me) with your special request and then we can talk about what you want.