11 songs about BPD and NPD #5

My song lists about NPD and BPD are among my most popular posts (and are so much fun to put together), so I think it’s time to post another set. There are so many great songs about Cluster B disorders!

Since it’s sometimes so hard to distinguish lyrics about people with BPD from people with NPD, I’m going to just combine 10 songs I haven’t reviewed before in one new post, and specify which disorder I think is being described in the narrative, and where I’m not sure, I’ll say so.
Wherever possible, I tried to post the lyric videos.

1. The Cars: Dangerous Type

Thanks to Mary Pranzatelli for suggesting this one! This is a great, catchy song, the Cars were one of my favorite bands back in the day. I think this describes a girl with BPD.

2. Three Days’ Grace: Animal I Have Become

Three Days’ Grace (along with Alanis Morrisette) seems to have a lot of songs about personality disordered individuals. This rocker from the early 2000s seems to be sung by a guy with severe or malignant BPD (edging toward sociopathy) who is all too aware of how sick he’s become.

3. Smashing Pumpkins: To Forgive

A dark and poignant lament from a man with either BPD or NPD about the child he was whose soul was destroyed.

4. Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks

Duet where the female singer appears to be suffering from BPD and is having a dialogue about it with her worried lover.

5. The Beatles: Run for Your Life

There are few songs from the 60s about BPD or NPD and The Beatles weren’t a band you expected to write about such dark material anyway, but this lesser known of their songs seems to be about a really jealous guy with malignant NPD or psychopathy.

6. John Lennon: Jealous Guy

Well, related to the above, maybe John Lennon had issues, because he wrote this very pretty ballad about a guy lamenting the way he hurt his lover and he seems to have BPD.

7. Halsey: Gasoline

This woman describes what could be a bad case of self destructive BPD, even though Halsey’s Wikipedia entry says she actually suffers from Bipolar Disorder.

8. Shawn Colvin: Sunny Came Home

A pretty murder ballad about a woman who suffered a BPD psychotic break and snapped. She may have been a psychopath too since the murder was premeditated.

9. Limp Bizkit: Behind Blue Eyes

The singer is clearly a self-aware narcissist.  Thanks to Akram for this suggestion!

10. Sia: Breathe Me

Poignant ballad about a young woman suffering with BPD.(Like Halsey above, Sia Furler’s Wikipedia entry states she actually suffers from Bipolar Disorder)

11. Kelly Clarkson: Because of You

Emotional ballad that portrays Clarkson as a young woman who suffers from emotional problems, possibly BPD.   I’ve included the regular video because of the story it tells. She meets her child (true) self, who helps her to remember her narcissistic parents who caused her to develop severe self esteem problems.   The video is also interesting in that Clarkson is shown periodically in what appears to be a house of mirrors.  Clarkson appears to be in tears at the end.

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