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Cynicism is Killing Our Democracy: The Donna Brazile, Edition

Originally posted on The Psy of Life:
We are drowning in cynicism. Cynicism is killing us! Cynicism is destroying our way of life! Honest! You’ve gotta believe me. And the poster child for cynicism murdering American democracy is the whole…

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“Throwaway People”

There’s a blog I really like (but don’t read much because its posts tend to make me feel angry and upset) called Ramen Noodle Nation, written by a blogger who struggles every day with poverty and just trying to survive … Continue reading

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Poverty in America is getting worse

This article describes the way America’s attitude of narcissism is destroying it and insidiously transforming it into a Third World country. Like an apple rotting rotting from the inside, America is a shell of what it once was. We live … Continue reading

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